Content Writing Tips To Write Better SEO Content

Write Better Content Using These Content Writing Tips

“Content is the king” for SEO. You have heard this phrase many times but how actually to write a content that can grab the attention of visitors. You have to do some homework before writing content for the website or a blog post.

Let me ask you?

What’s in your mind while choosing a topic for content writing?
Do you have prepared initial ideas or points which you will cover in the content?

Does your initial idea revolve around the user action (Why user click on your post )?

Most beginners do a mistake do not complete their homework, just start writing without preparing the whole idea. Such type of content leads nowhere and fail to drive traffic to the website.

So how to write an eye-catching content? I have collected some content writing tips that will help to write better content.

Tips For Content Writing

Topic Research

A writer must always be in research mode to choose the topic about which the content will be written. Before writing I always research on the topic what I can add to the topic. Also how to present the topic to the user.

The best way to write content is to save the upcoming topics first and then start researching deeper.
I maintain a sheet in which I wrote the topics and then whenever I get extra time I do a little research to collect more information about the topic.

When I found a new point for the particular topic I add below it and then back to research mode. When I have a topic then I start shuffling the words to see how to represent the topic to the user.

Keyword Research

When I have the basic idea and points for the topic next step is to find keywords that perfectly fits into the content. Keywords are the basic but most important part, as keywords will help your content to get visibility in search engine results.

If you know how to do keyword research, that’s great. If you want to know what type of keywords you can include and what tools can help to find best keywords then read this guide

Best Keyword Search Tools 

Communicate Better With Content Titles Or Headlines
Now you have the idea and the keywords next step is to create content titles that communicate the idea you want to share for the readers.

People mostly click on the post after reading the title, so the titles must be meaningful and actionable that compel readers to click on the post to further read.

“Advanced Google Search Operators Cheat Sheet For SEO”
People want to know how to grab better link building opportunities, so I have used the word “cheat sheet” to attract readers.
These type of power words helps a user to take action. To know more about the Power Words Read Here

Think As A Reader

For content writing keeps in mind you are writing for the readers. You must be clear in mind that piece of content you are writing will definitely solve the purpose of the readers.

Now there are different types of readers, some will go through the full article and most of the readers just scan the content to look for the particular solution they are looking for.

So its duty of the writer to divide the content according to reader requirement? The writer must be clear how deeper to write about the particular topic.

Write For Scanners and Lazy Readers

As I previously said most of the readers visited your website just scan your content and only a few users will read the full content.

So you can divide the content in form of bullet points and small paragraphs as lazy readers do not want to read large paragraphs.

To make the lazy readers stay on your post

Write small paragraphs not more than 3 or 4 sentences.
Your sentences must also be short, do not use long sentences.
Make the content compact for more readability by removing unwanted words.

Add Proofs To Justify Your Content

People always believe more on the figures and proofs in justification of particular topic. If you have read Neil Patel’s blog you have often seen how the added data in form of figures that justify facts.

Those proofs help the audience to believe in the source and stay connected to content to learn more.

Convert The Text into Visual Content

If you want readers interest to stay high while reading then you must convert the text into visual content by adding images and videos to your content. You can change the whole content in form of infographics as people love to read infographics or you can add video tutorials where people can get practical knowledge than simple reading.

With all above content writing tips, you can further highlight or bold words to catch the user attention.

So adding these tips while writing content can generate buzz and drive traffic, you can share your thoughts.