How To Make Money With GPT Sites?

All you have to know about GPT sites and how to make money from them.

GPT sites are one of trending way of money making online, in case if you do not know about these websites go through this guide:

What are GPT Sites?
Features Of Legitimate GPT Sites.
How GPT Sites Works?
What People use GPT Websites to make money?
How To Make Money From GPT Sites?
List of Best GPT Sites That Really Pay.
3 Mistakes People Make on GPT Sites!
4 Tips and Shortcuts of Best GPT Earners.

If you had a bad experience with GPT sites then MUST read this guide to know what went wrong, because people are earning extra cash every month by using these websites.

What are GPT Sites?

Get to paid sites are known as GPT sites. These websites are a free way to make money online by reading emails, viewing or clicking on ads, completing surveys and free offers.

The range of money paid for completing particular action is from $0.05 to $1. Members who regularly work on these websites can also win money prizes for their continuous contribution as these websites offers contests for their members.

Features Of Legitimate GPT Sites

First time I heard and worked on GPT site, I also ended up with no payment. After that, I was sure these websites are a scam. After a while, I researched about these sites and give ir another try. This time it worked.

Here are features that exist on legitimate GPT sites:

  • Forums – One of the features of a trusted GPT site is a forum. Sites that really pay always include a forum on their website for the members to know more about the website. New users can ask other members about the site.
  • Low Cash Out Value – Cash out value is the minimum value set by the websites for users to withdraw cash. Legitimate GPT sites have set a minimum or no value so that users can easily withdraw money.Scam sites set the value so high that user cannot reach it easily and don’t pay out them till they reach that value.
  • Payment Proofs – Payment Proofs – Many legitimate sites ask their members to upload proof their income so that new members can know that the site really pays.
    Ask other members for money proof, check the forum to see the proofs or search images of money proof for that site on Google.

How GPT Sites Works?

GPT sites have business model that bring traffic for different types of businesses. GPT sites sell advertisement space to businesses where text and banner ads of businesses will run. They charge money from business for getting clicks on their ads or for completing their offers. So income of GPT sites depends purely on the site members.

If site has more members who will click on ads, they’ll charge more from the businesses. To get more members they offer money to their members so that other can also join.

So GPT sites are not a scam, if you find the legitimate GPT sites you can earn extra money every month.

What People will use GPT Websites to make money?

If you are a housewife or single mother who has the responsibility of kids can make extra money every month.

If you are a student then it’s a good way to earn cash for your expenditures and other required stuff. This is a great support for students to earn money.

If you love freedom and do not like to work from 9 to 5 job or do not want anyone to tell you when to work, then you can switch to this money making opportunity with GPT sites.

Also if you do not want to quit your day job, you can still make extra cash every month as a financial support.


How To Make Money From GPT Sites?

If you want to get success at GPT sites then you have to follow a plan otherwise, you cannot maximize earnings.

  • Use a new email account for GPT sites as due to getting regular offers on mail, your email will be on the spam list.
  • Create an easy to remember email, use that email to register on all legitimate GPT sites with an identical password. It will save time and you can easily login to every site with same password. Create an excel sheet to save the details of every website you register.
  • You need a Paypal account to get money pay out. Most GPT sites ask for Paypal account. They send money to your Paypal account when you put a withdraw request.Keep in mind sometimes when you do not see a reward for completing any offer, it does not mean the website is spam. It can happen because companies failed to pay for that particular offer to GPT sites.

List Of Best GPT Sites That Really Pay

Here are some top GPT sites that are online FOR A LONG TIME and pay their members without any complaints.

Clixsense is most recommended GPT website

This website is online from the year 2007 and members can earn money by clicking on add and completing offers, online surveys, and mini tasks. You can also increase your earnings by getting referral commission for every new member who joined from your link. Commission referral is up to 20% and you can add unlimited referrals.

You need a Paypal, Payza or Paytoo account to withdraw money you earned and the minimum cash out value is $6.

 Title – The real power of using Clixsense is in driving traffic to your website.
Description -One cent for 30 seconds customer view is extremely powerful. Can work for Advertisers. you must be deligent and persistent enough to optimize your campaign. As the customer, you probably will be able to earn a couple hundred dollars.

Learn How To Earn Money Using Clixsense & Kebenaran Clixsense…..OR Join FREE!(Clixense ) Here 

Chelsey Sherrowfad


Get Paid To Work With RewardingWays

It’s another legitimate GPT site that pays customers regularly. Members can make money by watching ad, reading email, completing offer or short task. You need a Paypal account to withdraw money and minimum cash out value is $20.

You’d be better off picking out cans. Or finding stuff and selling on eBay. It’s a waste of time. One friend talled me that on a good month you can make hundred or two hundred dollars, investing hours each day.StayLnTheGame1787

How To Get Paid Doing Surveys Online Free | Rewarding Ways Review





Legitimate GPT Site SwagBucks

This website works in Unites States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. On this website, you can earn money by completing online surveys, completing tasks, searching and shopping. You can refer unlimited referrals to this website and get 10% for each. Also, you can withdraw money when you reach cash out value $5. This website is trusted as its online from the year 2008.

Everybody can earn on Swagbucks a kid and a coupon expert :)

This company look cool. Social fun experience. If they can market – they can make it


Make Money With

This website is older than Swagbucks and Clixsense, its online from the year 2006. The different ways to earn for members: click ads, watch paid videos, complete survey, offers or mini tasks. Must register on this one as it has set minimum cash out value to $ 0.50. You can use western union and Paypal to withdraw money. You can also increase your income by referring people.

Earn Cash and Reward With Point2Shop

Points2Shop is also one of popular GPT site, you can either get cash or reward points. Cash can be withdrawn with Paypal account and you can get amazon e-gift card in exchange for reward points. You can also access this website using the smartphone app. Complete offers, online surveys or watch videos to earn money.

Such old video. Website still running. Respect!!!

They also have non amazin rewards.


This guy earned $400 at Points2shop.



Instant Money With InstaGC

InstaGC is another site that gives reward points and you can get Amazon gift cards for the reward points. Getting amazon gift cards makes it popular among women.

Inno Current

Inno current is online from the year 2008 and paying its members for clicking on ads, reading emails and for searching. You can withdraw money using Paypal and Payza and minimum cash out for this website is $5.

Make Cash With CashCrate
Cash Crate

Cash Create is another get to paid site that is online from the year 2006. Members of Cash Crate are earning money from online surveys, offers, watching paid ads and completing money tasks. You can refer unlimited referrals and can earn 20% for the referrals.

These are top legitimate websites that pay you for completing tasks and actions.

If you want money to go to your bank account then you do cash. If you want so spend money by buying stuff here at points2shop, then you do points.

3 Mistakes People Make on GPT Sites!

When people start they stay active, but after 1 or 2 week they miss days or stop clicking on ads. But if you really join to make money then you must be active daily on these websites. Click every day on the videos and other stuff to make money.

Joining too many sites can also goes negative as people struggle to visit every site every day. To make more money people join more sites but when you miss days you will not get paid. Its better to add sites slowly, you can start with 3 to 4 GPT sites.

People join the websites without checking it’s a legitimate source or not, you will find different websites with similar names to attract people but all of them are not legitimate so you can search online to check reviews given by people for the website, then decide you want to join or not.

4 Tip and Tricks For GPT Sites

To maximize your earnings from GPT websites you can follow these tips and tricks.

  • Before logging into GPT site clear browser cookies and clear cookies when you complete one offer.
  • Don’t close offer right after completing it, as sometimes it takes time to give rewards, so keep it open for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Do not complete bulk offers from a site. You can complete 5 offers and then clear cookies and log to another website. After you complete 5 more offers move to next one or to first one again.
  • When you clear browser cookies don’t clear passwords, otherwise you’ll have to fill them again. Maintain an excel sheet for GPT sites credentials.

Follow all above tips to earn maximum money from GPT sites and if you use any other website that pays instantly or has low minimum cash out then comment below.

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