How To Get Paid To Write Articles Online

Forget content mills, go through this guide to know websites where you will get paid to write articles online.

Content is building block of online marketing. There are many companies that pay writers for writing articles so for skilled writers it’s a great opportunity to make money.

Many writers start writing for companies that are nothing more than content mills and then writers realize they are getting very less money. So where to look for resources where you can make $50 to $100 for each blog post?

You heard right there are resources where you can get can earn enough to replace your full-time job.  I have checked other resources and even tested out these websites to see are they really offering? If you really have writing skills, it’s the best opportunity

Websites Where You Will Get Paid To Write Articles Online

eCommerce Insiders

Get Paid To Write Articles Online For eCommerce Insider

All the posts are retail focused or education focused like how to guides. The payment for articles or blog posts ranges from $75 to $150.

From 400 to 600 word approved articles you will get $75, for more closer to 600 words you will get $125 and for more than 600 words you will get $150.

Payment to the writers is made once in a month. To get more details read here.

Wow Women

How To Get Paid Online With Wow Women For Writing Articles

At Wow Women your post can be about inspiration, balancing family, parenting, marketing, social media etc.

Articles must be from 1000 to 3000 words and mostly writers get paid from $50 to $75. Once your post is approved they send you the link of post and payment is made via PayPal.

To know how to submit your post and get paid to write read here.

Cracked Offers Opportunity to get paid for writing is a popular comedy site with great humor content. If you can create funny content then they have the money making opportunities for you by creating articles, videos, infographics, and Photoshop.

I checked on their website but did not find the price but from a resource, I found you can make up to $200 for per article/video/infographic. To know more read here.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean- opportunity for writers to make money

Digital ocean focuses on technical articles and main streams are Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting. If you have good technical but little writing knowledge still you can make money, their editors can help you to create better content. You can earn up to $200 for a new article and also can $50 for updating an existing article.

To know more and to submit your article click here.


Writers Get Paid For Writing On Listverse

Listverse is a good website to start for writers who are not experts. All you need to have good English equal to a native speaker.

You can earn up to $100 for your submission, to get paid you must need a PayPal account. If not have a Paypal account they will not submit your article.

Take a look at categories on which you can write and payment details here.


Earn minimum $75 For Each Post Published On TheWriteLife

The WriteLife concentrate on categories freelancing, marketing, blogging, publishing, and craft. The word count for the article must be  from 600 to 900.

You can earn up to $75 for each post you contribute. Also you need a Gravatar account with the uploaded image to grab your headshot.

They have answered more questions on their website regarding submitting post and payments read here.


Get Paid To Write Articles For GreatEscapePublishing

They concentrate on articles related to travel, photography, creating your own tours, import, and export. You can earn $50 to $75 for article requested their website.  $100 to $150 for the personal interview, stories and $150 to $200 for articles related to income using which a person can make real money.

To get deeper information about the pricing plans read here.


Perfectionist Writers Earn More By Writing For WanderLust

WanderLust focuses on travel stories, piece of advice and inspirational roundups. I will suggest this website to writers who are real perfectionists. They publish ten issue every year, so probability to get listed in this magazine is less.

They will pay £220 for every 1000 words published not on submitted articles.

To get more information regarding the post submission, payments and other queries read here.

Vibrant Life

Get Paid To Write Articles For Vibrant Life

The main focus is on men, women, and family. They accept short articles of word count 450 to 650 and featured articles must not exceed more than 1000 words. Payment for the articles ranges from $100 to $300.

To know more about the guidelines for submitting articles and get paid online read here.

These are the websites I found on the internet where best writers are making really good money every month replacing their full-time jobs.