Make Extra Money With Highest Paying PTC Sites

PTC sites all you want to know to make extra small money from highest paying sites.

Everyone want to earn extra money align with their regular salary.

It’s easy to add extra cash with different ways.

How To Make Money With PTC Websites
Legitimate Way To Make Money With PTC Website

Paid to click or PTC sites are one of best money earning websites that millions of people all around the world use, but only a fraction of the audience know which PTC website is genuine.

In this article, we’ll go through:
What are PTC sites? | How do PTC sites work? | Requirements to earn extra money from PTC sites How to earn from PTC sites? | How will you get paid?  List of highest paying PTC sites?

What are PTC Sites?

Pay to click sites are referred as PTC sites in which an user get a small payment for watching ads.

These websites are used by advertisers to brings traffic on their website.

An advertiser pays to the website when a customer clicks on the advertiser’s ad. A customer also gets a share for watching the ad.

For these types of PTC jobs, you don’t need any technical skill.
You need computer’s basic knowledge.

The best thing is you can start earning from the very first day you register. Students and housewives can start from these websites to start earning money.

Scroll below to see list of PTC websites in which you can earn up to $250 every month.

Why PTC Sites Pay Me?

How PTC Sites Work
The reason behind the origin of such sites is due to advertiser’s need to draw traffic to their new website or product. It’s not easy for a new website to get the attention of customers.

PTC sites help advertisers to reach customers. Advertiser pay to PTC site for displaying a website or product ads and PTC sites pay audience to click on these ads. These websites place the ad link in your account and you log in daily to view all ads available on your account page to earn money.

Different PTC sites pay different amount of money to their audience, you have to view the advertisement for 30 to 40 seconds. The registration on PTC sites is absolutely free.

Mostly people only heard that they can earn money using PTC websites, but when they searched online they found hundreds of pay to click websites available. Many of them are scam sites and you’ll end up in frustration thinking all sites are a scam. Such scam websites show the advertisement and you watch the advertisement but do not get any money for watching it. So before searching PTC for site read our next point on how to choose legitimate PTC site.

Requirements of PTC Sites

• You need a computer or laptop and an internet connection.
Keep in mind to register only one account from one computer and from one internet connection.

• You must have a Gmail account to register on PTC sites.

• You must have PayPal Account. (PTC websites transfer money to your PayPal account.)

• You must have Bank account. (To get money from PayPal account into your personal bank account. Within 5 to 7 days the money is transferred to your personal bank account from PayPal account.)

How to Earn on PTC site

It’s really a simple procedure.
The first step is to register on a PTC website. Confirm your registration and login to your account.

When logged in, go to advertisement view section, there you’ll see the total number of ads available for viewing.

Click on the ad link (On single link at a time), a new window opens in which the advertisement is played.

There are one of two options available in the ads. In some ads, you see a timer running that display how much time you have to watch the video. In other ads, there’s scroll down and you have to watch ads till where scroll down ends.

When these actions are completed browser transfer money to your account. Once the money is transferred, close the window. Then go to next ad and repeat the process until you watch all the ads available in the advertisement section. Longer ads will give you more money than short ads.

PTC sites have fixed a minimum value for withdrawing money, once you reach that value you are eligible to withdraw money.

The minimum value is either $2 or $6 in a case of different PTC sites. The money is sent to your Paypal account, some websites send the money automatically to your PayPal and in some, you manually add a request for payment.

So you can see with PTC sites it’s not a difficult task to earn money. You do not need any technical skill and no previous experience is required. The best thing is that you can work from any place. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.
A single PTC site can add up to $30 to $40 every month and if you want to earn more you can create an account on multiple PTC sites then you can earn up to $300 to $400 every month. If you want more you can also become a part of their Affiliate program. The commission is paid for people who join from your referral link.

Now you know all about PTC sites it’s time to reveal best PTC sites that really pay.:

Highest Paying – PTC Sites


Clixsense is the most trusted PTC site. It’s online for 9 years.
I didn’t hear from a single user that this website did not pay for watching ads.

You can earn up to $0.02 per click and $0.01 for every referral click. The minimum limClixSenseLogo2it to withdraw money is $8. You have to watch less than or more than 40 ads every day.  You can also earn more by referring your friends. If your friends upgrade and also refer further their friends, you’ll get a commission for each referral.


Neobux is also known as the king of PTC websites, this website is online for 8 years. Also for this website I never heard any complaint. It pays every user on time from last 8 years.

In this system NeoBuxyou can earn more by completing different mini tasks rather than watching ads, you will earn upto $1 in a month watching ads, but if you really want to make more money……………….

Inbox Dollar

I collected information from different resources and found that people have earned up to $100 from this single website. This website has given more options to earn money like paid emails, surveys, games, search, offers, video, coupons and referring people.

You can earn more than $50 easily from this website. The minimum money limit for withdrawing request is for $33.

If you want to get a coScreenshot_3mplete overview of this website and how much total money you can earn from it, read this complete guide.


This site has equal presence as clixsense has today, this website is online for Screenshot_17 years. Viewing ads does not add much but adding referrals can help to make a good amount of money.  This website has unlimited referral program. If you want to double your commissions then you can upgrade your membership.


Donkeymails is also Screenshot_2a PTC site that has a longer run, from this site you can earn money by reading emails, performing given tasks, offer walls, Paid to review etc. The minimum amount after which you can add request for payment is from $0.01 to $1.

This Ptc site also offers referral program in which you can give unlimited referrals. Give more and more referrals to earn more.


These are the top PTC sites that pay money. If you want to register on more PTC sites then here is a guide to reading more 10 best PTC sites.

Now you know all about PTC sites the success rate depends on the time you spent,
complete daily tasks on these websites to earn more. If you are using any other websites, you can share your thoughts. Also if you have used above mentioned sites, you can share your views in the comment section.