How To Make Money With Online Captcha Typing Jobs

If you have a good typing speed then it’s a good opportunity for you to make money with online captcha typing jobs.

If you ask me for ideas to make money online, then I will say you can start with captcha typing work as there is no limit to solve captchas and you can earn as much as you can. Do not take this job as a work, do this job as you are playing a short game. Then you can make money with captcha typing jobs. In this article, we will go through

What Are Captcha typing jobs?

Eligibility For Captcha Typing?

Top Captcha Typing Jobs Sites

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Captcha Typing Jobs

Lets start With

What Are Captcha Typing Jobs?

Now a day our life is connected to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.  While using these websites we all have experienced captchas and you cannot go further without solving captcha.

Captchas contain images or text that must be verified to enter a website. Most of the websites use captchas on sign up pages to avoid automatic multiple sign ups using bots and softwares. Below image shows how captcha look.



Captchas are used to test whether you are human or a bot.

Many companies need multiple accounts from a single website. Take an example of data entry work where a company has to post thousands of classified ads every day for different products or services. For multiple sign ups, companies use software, but software cannot solve the captcha. To solve this issue, captcha is sent to captcha solver. So here comes your part, you can type more and more captchas to make money online.

Eligibility For Captcha Typing?

With captcha solving jobs you can earn unlimited income as there is no daily limit to solve the captchas. Some people say captcha solving did not convert, but that can only be in case if you are not good at typing. Before picking up any captcha solving job, first, go through these points to see if you are eligible or not?

The user must be able to type English alphabets and numbers.

User must have high speed to type captchas, many websites give only 15 seconds to solve a single captcha. If you cannot solve captchas within 15 or less than 15 seconds, then you are wasting your time. People who are solving 5 to 6 captchas in 1 minutes are earning good amount of money.

You need at least 512 kbps internet speed to solve captchas. If internet speed is slow you cannot solve captchas on time as captcha image will not load on time.

To withdraw money from most of captcha solving websites you need a Paypal account. If you do not have Paypal account, then first create one.

You can also use your smart phone to do captcha typing jobs, as in previous years use of smart phones has increased vigorously. So now you can make money anytime from any location.

Top Websites For Captcha Typing Jobs

I have gone through a number of resources and also checked reviews of people. On behalf of all collected information, I have found these websites useful to earn money with captcha typing jobs.


Find online captcha typing jobs at Mega Typers

When one talk about captcha solving jobs, MegaTypers is the top website preferred for solving captchas. You can earn from $0.45 for 1000-word image to $1.5 for each 1000 words types. In a month you can earn between $100 to $250.

This website pay money through debit cards, Paypal, Bank checks, Payza and Western Union.  To sign up on MegaTypers Click Here.


Solve Online Captchas At kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is online from year 2007 and you will get more money for more accuracy. The minimum accuracy set by website for typing captchas is 85 percent. You can earn from $0.35 to $1 for solving 1000 captcha images. Monthly your income will be between $100 to $200.

Keep in mind your account will get banned if you are repeating mistakes in solving captchas.  If you are not able to read the characters of captcha press on can’t read button, submitting wrong characters may ban your account permanently.  To register on Kolotibablo click here.

Captcha Typers

Earn By Solving Captcha At Captcha Typers

Captcha Typers is also a good site to make money by solving captchas, also they have warned users about scam sites that looks like Captcha Typers. The original website does not charge any money from admin panel, its absolutely free. Scam sites charge money for providing admin panel.

You can email at to get admin free.  You can make $0.8 to $1.0 per 1000 images. From 9 am to 9 pm the applied rate is $0.8 and from 9 pm to 9 am rate applied is $1. To access real Captcha Typers click here .


ProTypers is another online captcha typing site

People from all around the world can work on Pro Typers to earn more than $200 every month. Like MegaTypers, ProTypers also pay $0.45 for 1000 word images and $1.5 for each 1000 word typed. They also Pay pay money through debit cards, Paypal, Bank checks, Payza and Western Union.  To sign up on ProTypers Click Here.

Fast Typers

FastTypers Offers Captcha Typing Jobs

Fast Typers also pay upto $1.5 to their users for solving captchas. They have very strict rules. if you do perform any activity for 100 days on your account, your account will get blocked. If you have admin account then your account and worker accounts under admin account will get banned if you did not perform any activity for 100 days.

Fast Typers use Perfect Money to make online payments. To get more information and to sign up with Fast Typers Click Here.


Captcha2cash pay $1 for every 1000 word typed for captcha images. After sign up you have to download their software to work. You can put a cash out request as soon as you reach $1.  The minimum ccuracy set for typing captchas is 70%.

To register with Captcha2Cash click here.

I found above websites useful for users to make extra money by typing captchas.

 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Captcha Typing Jobs

Captcha typing jobs are useful for students, housewives and job freshers to make extra money every month. This job has advantages as well as some disadvantages. It’s my duty to convey complete information to my readers.


1. With captcha solving you can earn according to the work done by you. There is no fixed limit to other online                  money making methods.

  1. Scams sites are very less as compare to other online money making methods.
  2. Users who have great typing speed can earn $1 in 1 hour and can make $4 to $5 every day. You can work anytime.
  3. Captcha solving jobs do not require any investment, so it’s a great way to start making money online.


  1. The captchas typing jobs are very tough and you need a very fast typing speed to make money from it. If your typing speed is slow, I will not recommend you to choose this method.
  2. You require high-speed internet to solve captchas. If you have slow internet connection, you cannot submit captchas within specified time and you will get no money.

So this is all about captcha solving jobs. Now depending on your time availability and typing speed you can decide you want to go with Captcha solving jobs or not.