How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online

If you are good at taking pictures, then you can start making money by selling photos online today.

Do you carry a camera everywhere you go? Love clicking images and then enhancing them by editing? Then it’s a great opportunity for you to make money by selling photos online.

Nowadays social media has become the fastest way to convey information and post with a perfect picture to get better user engagement. Everyone wants to post unique images, which increased the demand for digital images.

Whether it’s a business site owner or a blogger, they like purchasing unique images to present content in a better way to the audience.

An opportunity for amateur photographers to sell photos online.

In this guide: # How To Sell Photos Online | # Tips To Sell Photographs Online | # How Much Money You Can Make By Selling Images | # Top Sites Where You Can Sell Photos Online

How To Sell Photos Online

To sell photos online your photos must meet the guidelines. Go through these steps to analyze if your photos can be a part of a stock online on sites that sell these photos.

Register to Website Where You Can Sell Photos – First step is to register on a website where you can sell photos. Shutterstock and IStock Photo are best examples of a website where you can sell photos.

When you register your details on these sites they ask you to send an example of your photos so that they can check the quality of photographs clicked. Most of the website’s requirement is to send 5 to 10 photographs.

If you get approval then you’re ready for the next step, but if they did not approve your images then you can read their comments to know what went wrong and submit images again, with consideration guidelines in comments so your images will not be rejected.

Upload Photos Online – Once you get approval from the website you can upload photographs to it’s database. Each photo is checked manually to see it’s not from any other source and it’s an original image.

Also if you want your images to be included in sales faster, upload photos in a group of five or 10 images.

Once website receives your photos, it analyzes every photograph. If your images pass the check, you get notified within 24 hours that your image is live on the website.

Once your images are live on the website, sit back and wait for a customer to buy your photo. You can withdraw money once your balance reaches a certain amount of money. The minimum amount for withdrawal is fixed by these websites. Money can be received in form of cheque or to Paypal account. Most of the images sites use these two ways to pay money.

Tips To Sell Photographs Online

When you click a photograph keep in mind what user want because people need images that perfectly fits for their content.

Try to capture images that need less or no editing and that completely match the requirements of a user.

Enter into the mind of the user. For example: if you take a photo that marketers will want to buy, think of what kind of marketer he is, what will he write about in his articles and emails. Someone that read it can say that this process can take the creativity out of the process. Do you know the parable about the ballerina on a roof?

If a ballerina dance on a roof with no railing, she can not make too much of wild movements. But if there is a railing, she starts to do whatever moves she want. Taking a photo by guidelines may take some of the creativity but a proffecional photografer know how to work inside guidelins that are given and the real magic is to be super creative inside sharp requirements.

Here are some points that you should remember while clicking a perfect photo:

  • While clicking an image double check there’s nothing in the background that can distract the attention from the main subject. Keep the camera steady and keep the focus on the main subject.
  • High-resolution images are in high demand. People can easily crop and use them in different sizes.
  • Leave some extra space on sides of the image, so that image will look perfect after cropping without losing any part of the image.
  • These sites accept high-quality JPEG images so while uploading choose JPEG image format.


How Much Money You Can Make By Selling Images

There are three types of resolutions: web resolution; medium resolution; and high-resolution images. The price depend on the resolution of an image. For high-resolution images, you get more money.

You can also set a license for your images and sell them at a different price.

For example – If one need an image for a magazine or newspaper then its price will be highest. If a person need an image for a website, price is lower than the first one. The lowest price is for personal use of an image.

So you can go for the big one that will become a story all around the world and make more money within a short time period.


Top Sites Where You Can Sell Photos Online

Here is a list of trusted websites where you can sell your photos if you are using any other website reply in comments and I will add it to the list.


ShutterStock serves customers from +150 countries and paid $350 million to their contributors. The content that can be submitted to Shutterstock includes high definition videos, high-resolution images, and vector images.


How To Sell Photos Online With Shutterstock



You can earn up to 30 percent of the sale of every image. Here are the payout plans offered by Shutterstock – Payouts.


iStock Photo

iStock photo is also a great choice to sell your photographs online. This website is also a collection of images, photos, videos and illustrations.

The basic royalty payout rate is 15% for each file downloaded with credit and contributors can earn up to 45% depending upon how much the photo is popular.


Sell Photos Online With iStock Photo


To become a contributor signup with iStock Photo and pass a quick quiz. Then last step is to upload previous three samples of your work with your application.

To know more how to sell photos on iStock read this – Become contributor


Photo Shelter

If you do not want to sell photos through other websites and want your own selling store then Photo Shelter is great option for consideration. Its an E-Commerce platform which can be integrated to your website. This platform also offers SEO and Social media features.


Sell your photo online with photo shelter


To know how to sell photos and the pricing plans read here – Sign Up With Photo Shelter



Fotolia is a worldwide image stock market place with images more than 65 million. When you upload your images on Fotolia , your images are visible to buyers from all around the world.


Upload and Sell Photos With Fotolia

Due to such huge traffic, royalty can be earned from 20% to 63% if your image is sold from their Pay as you go system and 33% if the image is sold via subscription.

To sell your images on Fotolia you must be at least 18 years old. To know how to become a contributor and other requirements read here – Requirements .



This image stock has more than 45 million images to offer. To become a contributor, Sign Up to 123rf, then upload your content. You can earn upto 60 percent of commission, when a buyer download your content from their website.


123rf Top Site To Sell Photo
So know you how to make money by selling photos online, get your camera ready. Take the best shot and start making money today.

If you are using any other website for selling photos online, share the link of website in the comment section. I will add that website to the list.