Online Marketing and Its Major Types For Business Promotion

Internet is the vital as well as fastest medium for marketing your business and your business can reach maximum audience from a particular location or from whole country.  The process of marketing your business on internet is termed as internet marketing or online marketing.

What is Online Marketing Or Internet Marketing?

Online marketing also called internet marketing consists of different types of tools and techniques to attract customer attention for particular products and services you market. Online marketing has takeover the traditional way of marketing and lets  know the advantages of internet marketing over traditional marketing ways.

Advantages Of Online Marketing

Increases Audience Reach Whether you are small or large business, increase in sales and business growth depends purely upon the audience reach. Online marketing techniques can make your products and services reach millions of online users. With online marketing you can target a local city, state, complete country or you can also target globally according to your business requirement. The increase in audience reach will boost the sales.

Cost Effective and Cut Extra Expenses – Internet marketing is really cost effective, it does not require big amount to start, even business can start of their own using search engine optimization and social media marketing. In traditional marketing mediums like newspaper ads, banners, radio, television and pamphlets involves high cost and other labor expenditures. In online marketing you can reach audience yourself and reduce the cost of labor and middlemen involved in traditional marketing process.

Time Effective – Starting an online marketing campaign take few hours and even in some marketing techniques like social media marketing it takes minutes to share content, offers and deals with the audience. You can start yourself or even if you hire an online marketer still it’s only a few hour work to start with internet marketing.

Better Customer Relationship – In traditional marketing if a customer takes your services or buy products from you, then you have to give your business card so that your customer can remember you next time they require same services or products. Also sometimes you see a pamphlet you keep it to call for later but when you really need the services or products most of the time business card and pamphlets get misplaced by customers.

In online marketing once a customer uses your services or purchase your products you can always notify them on their mail when you have some new products or deals for them in which customers are interested. So in online marketing you can easily retarget customers.

Reach Targeted Audience – With online marketing you can easily target audience based on age, gender, location and interest. In traditional marketing ads are available for all and you have to pay more, but in online marketing you can target audience with an ease. Custom audience, interest based targeting in Facebook Ads and behavior target in Google Adwords.

Example – If you have clothing range for women then you can choose the category women and further you can select the age limit in online marketing ads.

These are the advantages that you will not get with traditional marketing. When you go deeper you will see online marketing is not as simple as its name. The process of online marketing is further divided in different types of online marketing techniques. Many of us master one or few techniques, but with growing challenges and to drive more sales a business require different types of marketing.

Lets know about all types of online marketing and you can select best for your business to promote online.

Types Of Online Marketing Techniques


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing and its types


Search engine marketing is the process of improving presence of a business or website in search engine results pages with paid and free methods. Search engine marketing has two types Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is part of online marketing


Search engine optimization is the process which involves most of unpaid methods to bring the website on top in search engine result pages. You have to follow different rules, set by search engines to bring website on top using SEO process. The Whole process of SEO takes time to get long term results.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click Is a Part Of Search Engine Marketing


Pay per click is the process in which paid methods are used to improve the presence of a website in search engine result pages. You have often seen sponsored ads in search engine result pages on the top and on the right side of the results. Businesses uses Google AdWords to bid for the ad placement in search results.

Businesses will only pay to google if the placed ad get clicks this process is called pay per click.

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Different Between SEO and PPC

The process of SEO is more time consuming than PPC, to rank a new website on top with SEO process takes 3 to 4 months. But in PPC you can shows ads for your website within a day if you know how to run Google Adwords Campaigns.

For long term top results SEO is considered and for short term top results PPC is considered. In SEO creating quality backlink profile and following Search Engine algorithms updates to get long term top rankings. In PPC you will get traffic, till the ad is running. Once the ad get stopped you website will not be displayed in search results.

SEO process involves very less cost than PPC. If you know both processes, you can do it yourself. In SEO you do not have to pay for a click, while in PPC you have to pay for every click.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing A Type Of Online Marketing


Email marketing is the process in which a business sends promotional emails which contains newsletters and product information or latest offers to attract customers. The biggest benefit of email marketing is that its really cost effective and you can target the best audience. You can also measure how well email campaign works for your business.

Here are different types Of Emails you can send using Email marketing campaigns

Promotion Emails

In these emails you can send new offers and deals to new customers as well as old customers also.


Newsletters can also be included in emails so that customer stay connected with your business. Sending newsletters periodically will make customer relationship better.

Transaction emails

These emails are sent when a customer buy a product, and this email confirms the transaction. Also you can include other details likes delivery time or link to track order for customer convenience.

The success of email marketing depends upon the design of email template and newsletters. Keep the design of templates and newsletters eye catching and add full information of deals and offers so that customers can take the full benefits.


Content Marketing

Content Is King Of Marketing


Whatever method you choose for marketing content is required to represent the business, brand, their product and services. Content marketing can be in different forms like blogs, infographics, Presentations, videos, case studies, articles etc.

In content marketing approach creative and relative content is created using one or more different forms to attract customers regularly. The content marketing help websites to get better presence on search engines. Content is called king of marketing and with quality content you can increase the awareness of brand or products in audience.

The mains goals of content marketing are –

Most important is brand awareness, so that audience can know more about the business and what type of products or services are offered.

Content marketing helps in lead generation and increase sales of products.

Quality content brings regular traffic as it will stay online permanently.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Business Escalation


Social media channels have become a part of our daily life. We spent more time from our daily routine on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. So businesses are targeting social media channels to reach more and more audience to increase sales for their business.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Business?

The social media websites can make your business reach maximum or infinite audience.

Helps to build reputation of your business.

You can target audience on basis of location, age, interest etc. in social media marketing. This approach will help to reach targeted audience.

You can maintain a good buyer-customer relationship using social media. You can also retarget customers for new products.

Social media is the fastest way to make presence for your business and products as content on social media goes viral within minutes to millions of people if done in a right way.

Different Social Media Channels

Here are popular social media channels used worldwide and businesses can target best social media channels to increase their presence and sales. Every business cannot use all social media channels, choose social media channel according to the types of products or services offered by business.

Facebook – Facebook is biggest social networking website and businesses found it best to get targeted audience attention to increase sales and online presence. You can post offers, deals, videos and images to attract customers for your business.

To stay connected with targeted audience you can create a Facebook page and encourage customers to like your page and next time when you will add new content, the post will appear in newsfeed of the audience who liked your page. You can also use Facebook groups and share your page and page post to get more visibility and likes. To reach more targeted audience you can used Facebook ads to reach infinite audience.

Twitter – After Facebook, twitter is second largest social media channel where you can easily update audience with use of hashtags. Using hashtags, you can easily increase the outreach of your tweets. Follow people and businesses who are interested in your services products. You can easily find latest tweets based on hashtag and from particular location to reach best audience. The length of tweet is limited to 140 characters.

Pinterest – Pinterest is best for businesses offering products, you can create group boards on Pinterest where people will follow your board or your profile if they have interest in products and services you offer. You can also invite people to contribute to your group board. You can post images from website or videos from Youtube urls so that audience can take further action and reach your website or Youtube channel.

Linkedin – Linkedin is a professional network where you can find like mined people. You can connect with them to improve your presence. You can hire or easily get hired for your skills with the help of Linkedin network.

Instagram – Instagram is also a very popular social media channel where everyone can share their thoughts and activities in form of images and short videos. You can easily share your content with friends and family. Also you can use more hashtags on Instagram to get more likes and shares.

Google+ – Sharing posts on Google+ helps to increase visibility in search results also. Like Facebook groups you can use Google Communities to reach more audience. Like Facebook page Google+ also offer businesses to create a page that will also show in search results. Getting more reviews on Google+ page will bring your Google+ Business Page on top in search results.

For social media success first create a plan of action, post regularly on social media channels. Schedule content to save time and also track competitor content and page to improve your social media marketing campaign.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing For Marketing Business Products


In affiliate marketing one can market for any business products. Advertiser will pay to affiliate for bringing traffic on the website. One or more affiliates can choose same website to drive traffic, advertiser has to pay to each affiliate for bringing traffic with their skills.

In affiliate marketing affiliate will get a link from advertise website and every time a customer reaches the product website from affiliate link the affiliate will get reward according to the affiliate program selected.

There are two types of payment modules available in affiliate marketing

Pay for Leads – Affiliate gets payment when a customer raises an enquiry irrespective of the purchase.

Pay of Sales – Affiliate gets payment when customer buys a product or service.


Mobile Advertisement

Mobile Ads For Online Marketing


The use of smartphone to interact with family and friends increase massively in past few years. People spent more time on social media website and people easily maintain their social media channels from their smartphones.

Also with emails, text, calling and managing social media people also spent time in playing games and watching videos using different mobile apps.

Mobile advertisement is the process to promote a business or its products and services on internet enables smartphones and tablets.

Mobile advertisement improves brand awareness and drive sales for products & services offered. You can easily achieve business branding goals and new customers for your business automatically improving sales.

You can use banner ads, video ads and mobile app ads for mobile advertisement.

These are different types of online marketing strategies you can implement for your business success. To know more about these types and to become an expert in these marketing types stay connected with Scoolico – Your Online School.

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