Basics Of Worksheet in MS Excel

Get expertise in MS Excel , start with basics of worksheet.

What is Worksheet?

Worksheet consist of cells in which you can save and edit data as many times you require. Each workbook is a collection of worksheets. You can create many worksheets inside a workbook. By default when you open a new Excel workbook it contains one worksheet with name sheet 1. In this tutorial you will go through worksheet basic tour.
Worksheet Basic Guide


How to insert a new worksheet in excel?

To insert a new worksheet you have to click on Plus button as shown in image.


How to insert a new worksheet


A new worksheet (sheet 3) will be added to previous two sheets.


New Worksheet Added


How to rename a worksheet in excel?


Rename A Worksheet


When you open a new workbook, by default the name of first worksheet is sheet 1 and when you insert a new worksheet it is named as sheet 2.

To rename a worksheet, right click on the sheet tab of particular worksheet a dialogue box will open.


Rename Worksheet


After clicking on Rename button you can change the name of the worksheet.


How to select a worksheet in excel?


How To Select A Worksheet


By default when you open a workbook, sheet 1 is selected automatically, to select other worksheet you can click on sheet tab.

How to move a worksheet?


Move Excel Worksheet


To move a worksheet just left click on the sheet you want to move, then just drag and drop the sheet before or after other worksheets.


How to delete a worksheet in excel?


How to Delete Excel Worksheet


If a worksheet is not further required and you want to delete the sheet, then right click on the sheet and select the delete option. By clicking on the delete button that sheet will be deleted from your current workbook.


How to copy a worksheet in excel?


How To Copy A Worksheet


With copy command you can create a copy of a particular worksheet. There are two ways to copy a worksheet.

One way is to right click on the sheet whose copy you want to create,  select the move or copy command.

When you click on move or copy command a dialogue box will open in which you can select where to move a sheet or copy a selected sheet.


How To Move Or Copy Worksheet


keep in mind if you do not select the create a copy option the sheet will only move, if you want to create a copy then select create a copy option.

The other way is you can use Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C to copy the complete data of a worksheet,  then you can insert a new worksheet and paste all the data to new sheet using Ctrl + V command.

This is the Excel worksheet basic guide, if you have any query you can leave a comment.