Editing Worksheet in MS Excel

If you know the basic of Excel worksheet, then go deeper with this article how worksheet editing is done in MS Excel.

In Microsoft Excel worksheet contains 1048576 rows and 16384 columns. Cell is a basic building block of a worksheet, a worksheet contains 1048576*16384 cells.  You can perform different types of functions like inserting, deleting, searching, moving etc. In this tutorial you will learn how to edit and add data in Microsoft Excel.

Editing Worksheet In Microsoft Excel

Insert Data


Editing Worksheet - Insert Data
To insert data in excel worksheet you have to click on the cell where you want to insert the data. The data can be inserted in the active cell.


Insert Formula

To insert a formula you can either use the formula bar or you can also type the formula in the cell to get the desired result.


Editing Worksheet - Insert Formula

I have added a formula in column C that will multiply the values of column A and column B.  The below image will help you to understand how formula is inserted.


Modify Data


Editing Worksheet - Modify Data


If you want to modify data i.e either you want to add new data or deleting few characters from the data, just double click on the cell whose content you want to modify then just add or delete according to your choice.


Select Data

To select data just single click on the cell from you want to start selecting and then just drag the cursor up to the ending point, see the image below.


Editing Worksheet - Select Data


Suppose the data is stored in a worksheet is upto 1000 rows and 1000 columns. You need data of first 500 rows and 500 columns then it will take time to select 500 rows and columns. To select such amount of data in a second by using F5 command.
Editing Worksheet - Select Data


You can add the row and column number from where you want to start selecting and where you want to end the select process. Press Ok and you data will be selected. With this command you can select large amount of data in a second.

If you want to select multiple cells but cells are not adjacent to each other then special option in F5 command can help. You can select comments, data validations, formulas, row difference, column difference, blank cell etc. in special option. I have selected formula cells in special option and it has selected only cells where formula is implemented. See the below image.


Editing Worksheet - Select Data


Delete Data


Editing Worksheet - Delete Data


To just delete the data from a cell you can double click on the cell and just start deleting the character inside cell with backspace.

You can also select the complete characters with cursor and then press delete button to delete the data from the cell.


Editing Worksheet - Delete Data


If you want to delete a particular cell, then right click on that particular cell, select the delete command.


Editing Worksheet - Delete Data


When you press delete it will give your four options


Editing Worksheet - Delete Data


Shift cell left, shift cells up, entire row and entire column. Select an option according to your choice so that other sheet data will not get affected by deleting the cell.


Editing Worksheet - Delete Data


To delete a complete row or column first click on row number or column number. Then right on the selected row or column, choose delete option, it will delete complete row or column from the excel sheet.



To move data within the Excel sheet or from one worksheet to another or from one workbook to new workbook just select the data, then use ctrl + X command to cut the selected data and then click on the cell that will be the starting point after data is moved. Now use ctrl+ v to paste the data to new location as I have done, see the below image.


Editing Worksheet - Move Data


Find & Replace

To access the Find and Replace option you can select it from the ribbon in editing or simple press ctrl + F to open the Find and Replace Dialogue box with active find tab.


Editing Worksheet - Find and Replace


You can search particular work, value using find option. You can add the value or word in the search box and find option also give you 5 options to select while finding that particular word or value.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


  • Within – You can select sheet or workbook to specify the search will be in particular sheet or in whole workbook.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


  • Search By – You can select by rows or by columns to specify how search will be performed.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


  • Look In – You can select formulas, values or comments if you are looking something in these three options.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


  • Match Case – It will specify you want to match lower case or upper case letters, the search will only look for lower case or upper case words as you will specify.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


  • Match Entire Cell Content – You can select this option if you want to exactly match the word or value with the cell.


Editing Worksheet - Find Data


To replace a specific word you can use you can either select find and replace option from ribbon or simply press Ctrl + H to open Find and Replace dialogue box with active replace tab .


Editing Worksheet - Replace Data
You can search the word and then replace it with the word you want to use, you can select to replace the word only once or to replace all words if the searched word is present multiple times in the sheet.

Spell Check

Like Microsoft Word, Excel also has Spell check option that you can access under review section or by simply pressing F7.


Editing Worksheet - Spell Cheker


You have to specify the cell range where you want to run the spell check. If spell checker finds any word incorrect it will display suggestions for that word as shown in above image.

Here are the options available in Spell check dialogue box

  • Ignore Once – It will ignore the word and continue the spell checking process.
  • Ignore All – It will ignore all occurrence of the word in the sheet.
  • Add To Dictionary – It will add the word to dictionary.
  • Change – Change the current word with selected word from suggestion list.
  • Change All – Change the current word with selected word as well as it all occurrences within the sheet.
  • Auto Correct – It will add the misspelled word and its correct spelling to the auto correct list, so that in future if you misspelled the word it will auto correct.

Add Symbols

If you want to use some special character or symbol in the sheet to draw the user attention that are not available on the keyboard, then you can add it using symbols under insert menu.


Editing Worksheet - Add Symbols
Select the symbol or character and then click on insert button to add it in the active cell.

Add Comments

Comments help users to understand what the cells are all about, you can highlight important cells in the sheet using comments.


Editing Worksheet - Add Symbols


To add a comment right click on the cell where you want to add the comment, click on insert comment option.


Editing Worksheet - Insert Comment


A dialogue box will open pointing to the cell, you can write the comment here and every time when a user place cursor on the cell it will display the comment.

I hope all above points for adding and editing data will help to improve working with Excel. If you have any query leave a comment.