Different Cell Formats In Microsoft Excel

Cell format guide for beginners to understand different type of data can be inserted. Know how to add data.

In Microsoft Excel you can add different type of data in the cells, you can set format for currency, number, time, date, percentage etc. for particular cell. To format a cell select the cell, right click on the cell and select format cell option.

Cell format in Microsoft Excel

A dialogue box will open that will show different tabs for cell formatting. The first tab contains different cell formats, lets know about different cell formats.

Cell Formats

General – General is default cell format in which you can add text or numbers.

General ell format in Microsoft Excel


Number – This format will display the numbers with decimal points, separator (if you select the option), and you can also display negative numbers in this format.

Number cell format in Microsoft Excel


Currency – Currency will display the currency symbol with the value or numbers inserted in the cell.

Currency cell format in Microsoft Excel


Accounting – Accounting format will align currency symbol and decimal point in a column.

Accounting cell format in Microsoft Excel


Date – Date format will display the date in different formats, choose your preferable format to display date inside the sheet.

Date cell format in Microsoft Excel


Time – Time format contains different formats for displaying time, pick format according to your choice.

Time cell format in Microsoft Excel


Percentage – This format will multiply the figures with 100 and display a percentage symbol with the result.


Fraction- Fraction format will display half, quarter, eighths and sixteenths for the cell

Fraction cell format in Microsoft Excel


Scientific – This format will display cells as exponential, see the below image.

Scientific cell format in Microsoft Excel


Text- Cells with text format treated as text even they contain number in them.

Text cell format in Microsoft Excel

Special – Special format is to enter Zip Code and Phone Numbers in the cells.

Special cell format in Microsoft Excel

Custom Format- You can choose a custom format for number, currency, date, time, percentage, fraction etc in custom formats.

Custom cell format in Microsoft Excel


These are different types of cell formats available in Microsoft Excel, it will help you to customize your Excel sheets in better way.