How To Customize Ribbon and Quick Access Tool Bar In Excel

Do you know you can speed up your working in excel by customizing ribbon and quick access tool bar. Know how to do it?

In the basic go through guide of MicroSoft Excel you have gone through different features and tool bars available in the workbook. In this article you will learn how to customize Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.
Customize Ribbon & Quick Access ToolBar - Microsoft Excel

How To Customize Ribbon

When we Open Excel by default Home tab is shown on the Ribbon that contains all the freshly used commands. Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View, Acrobat are other tabs included in Ribbon section.


Ribbon - Microsoft Excel


Note – If you do not want to show ribbon section in the sheet you can minimize this section. Right click on ribbon and select Collapse. You can also use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F1 to minimize or restore the Ribbon.

Customize Ribbon

  1. To customize ribbon right click anywhere on the ribbon and select the customize ribbon as highlighted in the image.


How To Customize Ribbon In Excel


  1. When you click on customize ribbon option it will take you to the Excel options, you can also access customize ribbon option from by clicking on options in the back menu under file section.


Microsoft Excel Ribbon 2



  1. In choose command from section you can display popular commands, all commands or commands from particular section. After the commands are displayed you can select particular command you want to add in the ribbon


Microsoft Excel Ribbon 3


  1. On the other menu you have to create a custom group where you can add new command. This new group with command will be shown in ribbon area.


Microsoft Excel Ribbon 4


You can reset all customization by clicking on reset button, also you can import or export the customized ribbon in other Excel workbooks using Import/Export Option.

Customize Quick Access Tool Bar

Customize Quick Access Tool Bar option is also available in the Excel Options, you can access from Ribbon section or from options inside Back Menu.

  1. Like customize ribbon section you can select commands from different sections in the Quick Access Tool Bar. Select your favorite commands that you use often and add it.


Microsoft Excel Quick Access ToolBar


  1. The other menu shows the added commands and you can select whether this customization will be effective in all documents or for current Excel document.


Microsoft Excel Quick Access ToolBar 1


Like Ribbon you can also reset all customization for Quick Access Tool Bar too or also can import/export customize settings from one workbook to another.

Now you can customize your workbook to increase the productivity. If you have any query leave us a comment.