Back Menu In MicroSoft Excel

In previous article we have gone through basic guide for Microsoft Excel, now its time to go learn about the different features in detail. In this article we will go through the Back Menu Available under File Section.
Back Menu In Microsoft Excel


Back Menu In MicroSoft Excel

To access the back menu you have to click on file Tab.  When you click on File tab it will take you to the back menu where you can create new Excel sheet, open existing sheet, save or print any Excel sheet and use Excel sheet related features. Lets know about the different features and functions available in Back Menu.



Info Section Back Menu - MicroSoft Excel Tutorial


Info is the first feature in Microsoft Excel 2013 that displays all the information of current Excel sheet. Info section displays the properties of current sheet and dates related to last modification or printing of sheet.

  • Protect Workbook – The first option under Info section is protect workbook. You can make it final so that user can read this file and cannot make changes in the sheet. You can add a password permanently so that sheet can be opened with the password only. You can control the access for other users whether they can make changes in sheet or sheet structure or just can print the sheet only. All types of access can be controlled in this section. You can also add an invisible digital signature to keep integrity of Excel sheet.


Protect Workbook- Microsoft Excel Tutorial


  • Inspect WorkBook – In this section you can check if there is any hidden property or information associated with the sheet. Check for content that cannot be read by people with disabilities. Also you can check what features are not supported in previous Excel versions.


Inspect WorkBook- Excel Tutorials


  • Manage Versions – In this option you can recover unsaved files or you can delete all the unsaved files.


Versions - Excel Tutorials


  • Browser View Option – In this option you can select what a user can view when Excel sheet is opened online.


Browser View Option- Back Menu




Open New Workbook - Excel back Menu


In this option you can open a blank workbook or you can take a tour of Excel or you can also select other inbuilt sheet templates like travel expenditure calculator, To do list, Inventory list, loan comparison calculator an much more. You can also search more templates in the search box at the top of window.


Save & Save As


Microsoft Excel Back Menu5


If your workbook is already saved in your desktop, save option will just save the updated changes. If the website is not saved then it will show same features that you will get under Save As section. You can save the excel sheet to One drive or your to your system. This section also shows recent folders from your desktop, you can select recent folder directly to save the file. You can choose a location to save documents easily to cloud.


Save As Adobe PDF


Save As PDF- Excel Back Menu


In this section you can save the entire workbook or the particular sheets of the workbook as PDF. You can select the size how sheet looks in the PDF, also you can change the order of the sheets according to your requirement.




Print Document - Excel Back Menu


In print section you can print entire workbook or particular sheets. You can adjust the page setup and orientation for active sheets, also you can preview how sheets will look after you print them.




How to share documents- Back Menu


In Share options you can invite people, send sheets via email or you can also send sheets as Adobe Pdf. All these operations cannot be done until you save the document in One Drive.




How To Export WorkBook - Back Menu


In export section you can change the File type to export the sheet in other programs.



It will close the current sheet opened in the workbook.




Sign In To Office- Excel Back Menu


You can create an account in Microsoft Office and can access your files from any device by signing in into your account.



Excel Options- Back Menu

In this section you can customize different features of Excel, you can select formulas, and customize quick access tool bar and ribbon.

This is all about File section in the Excel, you can customize it according to your convenience.

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