Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners

One of mostly used software and beginners can start learning with this basic Microsoft Excel tutorial.

Microsoft Excel is one of important software required in most of the offices and other institutes for storing and analyzing data, performing calculations and integration of information from other resources. Excel documents are saved in .xlsx file extension.


Microsoft Excel Basic Guide


This tutorial is designed for common computer users to learn how to use Excel? So in this very first article you will go through basic tutorial and know about the different options available in the excel window when you start Microsoft Excel.

Basic Guide – Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners

File Tab


File Menu In MicroSoft Excel


File Tab is the first tab (Highlighted in Green when you open Excel) in the Excel 2010 and other updated versions. Excel 2007 version contains office button which is replaced by File Button. You can access Back Menu by clicking on File Tab where you will find options to save file, Sheet Info, Open new or existing Excel sheet, saving sheet as a PDF or to print the sheet and other sheet related options.


Back Menu Under File Tb In MicroSoft Excel


Title Bar


Microsoft Excel6


Title bar lies at the top of window, it displays the name of Excel sheet chosen by user or when you open a new sheet it will show book 1. 2013 and above versions contains help, ribbon customization, sheet minimize, maximize and close function on top right side of window. In previous versions help and ribbon and minimize, maximize and close sheet buttons lies in tab menu in the ribbon.


Quick Access Toolbar


Quick Access Tool Bar - MicroSoft Excel


This toolbar lies above the File tab, you can easily find the frequently used commands in this tab. By default it shows saving, redo and undo buttons.


Customize Quick Access Toolbar - MicroSoft Excel


You can also customize this toolbar according to your convenience and even you can place it under the ribbon (choose in custom options).




Ribbon- MicroSoft Excel


The portion of Excel sheet shown below in the image is called ribbon. Ribbon has three components that comprise of different features of Excel.

  • Tabs – In the Ribbon top you will find different tabs like Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, View, Review and Acrobat. Acrobat tab is added in 2013 version, previous version contains Add-Ins option in place of Acrobat. In acrobat you can easily save sheet as PDF and directly attach the PDF in an Email.
  • Groups – Below the tab area contains different groups like clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells and editing.
  • Commands – The different groups contains different types of commands that will help you working in Excel sheet.




Help Menu - MicroSoft Excel


You can click on help option in Title bar or use shortcut by pressing F1 to access the help menu. Help menu will give you complete tutorial of different commands and options available in the excel sheet.


Name Box and Formula Bar


Name Box & Formula Bar - Microsoft Excel


Below the Ribbon section lies the Namebox and Formula bar. Namebox displays the current cell location. Formula bar displays the text, number or formula used on the current cell.


Column Bar


Column Bar - MicroSoft Excel


Column bar lies below the formula bar where columns are numbered from A onwards. When you reach column with number Z then it start the series AA, AB onwards. Maximum limit for the columns is 16, 384.


Row Bar


Microsoft Excel10


Row bar lies on the left side of Excel window, rows are numbered from 1 and keep on increasing as data is entered. Maximum limit for the rows is 1,048,576 rows.


Sheet Area


Work Sheet Area- MicroSoft Excel


The white Area with grid lines is called the sheet area where you can write, the highlighted green box is called the insertion point, it will display the current cell.


Status Bar


Microsoft Excel12


Status bar shows the insertion point information as well as the sheet information.


View Buttons


View Buttons - MicroSoft Excel


View buttons lies right to the status bar, you can choose these three layout views for your Excel sheet.

  • Normal Layout View- Excel sheet is displayed in normal view when you start the program.
  • Page Layout View – With this view you can see how your Excel sheet will look after you take a print of that particular sheet.
  • Page Break View – This view will show where pages will break when you take a print.


Zoom Controls


Zoom buttons - MicroSoft Excel


Zoom control lies to the right of View buttons. With Zoom controls you can zoom in or out in the sheet area. You can slide left or right or click on + and – sign buttons to zoom in or zoom out.

Now you know the basic Of Microsoft Excel, for any query you leave a comment.

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