Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

If you are a Startup with WordPress website or blog you need a plugin to manage basic SEO features that a SEO specialist can manage.  Yoast SEO (Also known as WordPress SEO By Yoast) is the top rated favorite WordPress SEO Plugin that can easily help users to manage different SEO features for a website or blog.

I personally use this plugin for my WordPress blogs, its really a powerful and time saving tool for managing SEO features.

Startups and beginners are not familiar with all immense features of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin. In this article you will learn how to install and use different features of this plugin for your website or blog.

Complete Guide For Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

First step in the guide is to install the plugin on your website or blog.

  • Open the admin panel and go to plugins.


Yoast SEO


  • In the plugin section click on add new option.
  • Search Yoast SEO and click on install now button to add the plugin.


Yoast SEO1


I have already installed so its showing Update now button, when you will install there will be install now button instead of upgrade now button.

After installation Plugin will be added in the admin panel and it looks like as shown in image


Yoast SEO2


You can see there are different tabs inside the Yoast SEO, lets know about the different options available in these features.


General Settings 

General section is further divided

  • General – In general section you can take a tour of the Plugin to know about the features or you can restore the default settings for the plugin.


Yoast SEO 3


  • Your Info – In your info section you can give the website name or the alternate name, these names will be considered by Google to show your website in search results.


Yoast SEO4


In the company or person option you can select whether you are a company or a person, this section will be shown as Meta data and will be considered in Google Knowledge Graph.

  • Webmaster Tools – In webmaster tool section you can verify your website with Alexa, Bing, Google Search Console and Yandex webmaster tools.


Yoast SEO5


  • Security – The Yoast SEO Meta Box allows users to noindex any post or can make changes in the canonical section. If you have a website or blog with multiple authors you can disable these access to authors in this section.


Yoast SEO6


  • OnPage.Org – This option checks the indexability of your website.


Yoast SEO7


Titles & Metas

Next section in the plugin is about Titles and Metas. In this section you can configure how your content is displayed in the search results. Lets know about the different features included in this section

  • General – In this section there are two options available force rewrite Title and Title Separator


Yoast SEO8


        Force Rewrite Title will be auto-detected by Yoast SEO whether force rewrite is required for website pages or not.

In Title Separator you can choose a separator for the titles, these symbols will appear in search results.


  • Homepage – Here You can add the Meta Title and Meta Description For Your Website or Blog Homepage.


Yoast SEO9



  • Post Types – In this section you can easily set format for title and description section of pages , media and custom posts. Here are the options available for particular section




       Meta Robots can be selected as index or noindex, you can control the indexing of posts, so that you do not get penalized for duplicate content.

       Data In Snippet Preview can be used for news websites or if you are updating the content regularly. By default this option is disabled in the plugin.

       Show or Hide Yoast SEO Meta Box according to your choice, if you do not want to add Meta details in the posts you can hide this section.

  • Taxonomies – WordPress create taxonomies for categories, tags and forum section. You can disable section you do not want to get indexed.




  • Archive – You can set titles for different archives and you can control indexing of archives.




Author archive should be set NoIndex to prevent duplicate content.

Data archive should be set NoIndex as they do not provide any important information to Search Engines.

Search Pages and 404 Pages are not shown in search results by default. You can configure for these in this option.

  • Others – These are some additional settings

Yoast SEO17



NoIndex Of Subpages will not affect your website, it will also prevent archives to show up in search results.

Meta Keywords tags are disabled by default and these have no importance any more.

 Noodp Meta robots tag should be enabled if you have a Dmoz listing so that search engine do not display description for pages from the listing.



This plugin also includes a social section as we also how much social signals are important in SEO process currently.  Lets know about the different features included under this section

  • Accounts – In accounts tab you can add the links of social media profiles that belongs to your website or blog. These Links can be appear in search engine results when someone searches with the brand name.


Yoast SEO18


  • Facebook – In Facebook first option is to





Add open graph Meta data in Head section of your website, Facebook and other networks will use this data. You can add image url,  title and description for open graph meta data.

You can also add admin of Facebook page to get insights of traffic from the page for your website.


  • Twitter- You can enable twitter meta data to use twitter Summary Card, you can select how twitter will display information from your website. You can choose either summary with large image or only summary.


Yoast SEO21


  • Pinterest – You can verify your website with Pinterest by adding meta tag here


Yoast SEO22


  • Google+ – You can add Google+ Business Page To Link To About Section Of Page.




XML Sitemap

XML sitemaps help search engines to crawl website pages, it will act as a roadmap. Lets know different features included in this section

  • General – You have to just enable the XML sitemap in general, there is nothing else to do in general setting. Also add sitemap in Google Search Console.


Yoast SEO23


  • User Sitemap – In user sitemap you can choose, you want to include author archive in the sitemap or not. Its recommended do not include archive in the sitemap


Yoast SEO24


  • Post Types- You can exclude any blog post that you do not want to add in the sitemap.


Yoast SEO25


  • Taxonomies – You can also exclude taxonomies that you do not want to add in the sitemap.

Yoast SEO27



Advanced section contains more features that are optional, but its good to know all the features. Lets know what features are included in this section.

  • Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs shows the complete path of a particular page and it is also displayed in search results. Search engines can also understand the website link structure from breadcrumbs. Its completely personal choice you want to use them on your website or not. You can learn about the breadcrumbs here.




  • Permalinks –  In permalinks you can adjust additional settings of website urls.




Strip Category Base will strip /category/ from category urls.

Redirect attachments will redirect people from attachment Urls to post Urls, when they click on attachment found in search results.

Remove Stop Words From Slugs will remove stop words from post url, its your choice how your post url will display in search results.

Reply To Com Variable will keep you safe from creating duplicate content in search results.

Redirect Ugly Urls helps to redirect Urls with unwanted parameters at the end.


  • RSS – This feature can help you to look as original source if people do not remove the content added in the start and end of article. Search engines will identify you as the original source.


Yoast SEO32



There are many built in tools in Yoast SEO.


Yoast SEO33


  • Bulk Editor – It will help to change titles and descriptions of posts and pages, without going to editor of particular post.
  • File Editor – In file editor you can quickly make changes in robots.txt and .htaccess file.
  • Import and Export- Import setting will help to import settings from other plugins and with export function you can export your settings to any other blog.
  • Recalculate SEO Score – It will help to re calculate SEO score for all the content with focus keyword.

Search Console

In this section you can access the Search Console Information by adding Google authorization code.

Yoast SEO34


This section includes premium extensions like Premium version of Yoast, Video, News and Local SEO extensions.

These are the different types of features available in the Yoast SEO plugin and you can use them like a PRO SEO marketer without any technical skill. Add Yoast SEO plugin to maintain SEO of your website with an ease.