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Like human body structure a blog post is also has a structure of text, if the structure is good your blog post will be considered as well written. Such a post with a great structure of text will help readers to easily grasp every point of topic. Lets know how to create a reader friendly structure for your blog post.

How To Write Perfect Blog Posts?

Gather Information – The basic but the important step in creating a well written post. First choose a topic and write the points you have in mind about that topic on a paper.

When you finish writing all the points you have in mind, you can start gathering more information on the topic from internet or other sources and add them to your list.

Arrange Points In The List – Once you have all the points for the topic, you can start rearranging the points on the position where they perfectly fit in the list for the topic.

Start Writing – After rearranging you can start elaborating those points in form of paragraphs or bullet points. If you want to create paragraphs, do not create long paragraphs as readers do not want to read long paragraphs. Keep the paragraphs short. If you create bullet points, they always work for the readers to catch their attention.

Use Headings – While creating the perfect structure headings also play an important role, reader knows what next part of article consist of. Readers can easily scan the headings to know whether they read it or not. You can also optimize the headings for SEO benefits to improve search engine presence of your posts.

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Add Links – To support the topic you can add links from other sources or from other related posts. I have added a related post link above that is related to topic blog posts learn how to optimize blog posts.

All the mentioned points will help to write a better content post, but there are also some other points that should also be covered to create a quality post. The below image will help you to understand the concept better.

How To Write Blog Posts

Follow this blog post structure as shown in image to gain more readers for your post. It worked for me, if you are using a different structure leave your comments.