How To Optimize Your Blog Posts

“Want To See Your Blog Flooding With Traffic, Then Optimize Blog Posts For Organic Search Results.”

Whether you are using search engine optimization or social media marketing to promote your business online, blogging is an important factor for building audience.

Mostly audience look for information online and blogging is best way to convey the information audience looking for. Bloggers also using blogging to make money online.

But if you think, creating a blog and adding content will bring traffic to your blog then you are wrong. While creating blog posts you have to take care of two things

1. The content of blog post must satisfy the needs of reader.

2. You blog post must be optimized for search engines also.

If your blog post is SEO friendly then search engines will give priority to your post and help to reach best audience. If the post is not SEO friendly you are out of the competition, and you will suffer to get regular traffic for your blog.

So when you finish writing a content for blog post and ready to publish on the blog, you have to optimize blog posts to get higher visibility in organic search.

So if you are using blogging or PBN for marketing your business then you will find this post interesting that will help to know how to optimize blog post?

How To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO?


Keyword Research

As we all know keywords the building block of SEO, there are many free keyword tools are available on online. Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest are top keyword research tools.

You can also use Google trends to search trending search terms and LSIGraph to search latent semantic keywords.

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Use Keyword Phrases With Low Competition

For blog post you can select long tail keywords with low competition. I know you are thinking how you will know a particular keyword phrase has low or high competition.

If you have selected a keyword phrase, then go to Google Search and put it inside double quotes (“keywords for website”). Hit the search button and know see the numbers below the search box as I highlighted in the image below inside the red box.


Use Low competition keywords to optimize blog posts


If the numbers are above 60,000 I do not use it for my post and if the numbers are below 60,000 then I will choose that keyword phrase for my blog post.

I have used this way to increase highly targeted traffic for my blog, do not think if keyword phrase has low competition then it will not send traffic. The traffic will be the targeted one.


Write Articles For Particular Key Phrase

You can use the selected key phrase as a topic for the article, targeting low competition key phrase will bring traffic faster. To broaden the topic you can search more related key phrase and write an article with quality content that attracts visitors for longer time and improves search engine rankings.

Its like, If I choose social media marketing, I can write article on key phrase Different types of tools for social media marketing.


Optimize Post Title and Meta Tags

To rank the post faster add the key phrase in the post title and in the meta tags i.e. in the meta title tag as well as in the meta description. That really works for me for getting more views on my posts as well as improved search engine rankings for different topic posts from my blog.

If you are using WordPress then here is how you can optimize blog posts in back end.

Post Title

Add the targeted keyword in the post title. See the below image this is how you can use descriptive title with keyword.

SEO Blog Post Title Optimization


For Meta Tags

To optimize blog post meta tags easily you can install Yoast Plugin. You can easily update Meta Title and Description tag, also there is an option to mention the focus keyword of the post.


Blog Post Meta tag Optimiation

The length of meta title should be between 50 to 55 characters. The length of meta description tag should be between 150 to 155 characters.


Optimize Post URL

Focus keyword must be added to the post url, also try to keep the length of url short. Otherwise search engine will not display the complete url if it is longer one.


Add Focus Keyword Optimize Blog Post URL



Also use dash (-) not underscores in the post urls. Post url must be unique and there should not be any other post with same url.


Optimize Header Tags

You can add the focus keywords and secondary keywords to the header tags so that readers can easily know, what the post is all about.


Header Tag Optimization Of Blog Posts


With keyword enriched header tags helps both readers and search engines to understand what you have said in the post. Search engines will also use header tags as signals to show relevant results to readers for the search query entered by them.


Add Relative Images To Key Phrase

Find best image related to the key phrase that gives the reader a little idea what type of content is written in the post and how it will be helpful. It doesn’t mean that your image tells all the story about your blog post. Image should encourage users to click on the post to read.


Add Key Phrase in the Alt Tag

At last key phrase should also be added in the alt tag of an image as it will also help to improve presence of blog posts in search engine result pages.


Add keywords in alt tags of blog post images


Share On Social Media Channels

Once you added the post , you must share the post on social media channels like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  Every time when I have added a new post, I share immediately on these social media channels. This will help to get more traffic and also improved rankings of post in search results.

Keep an eye on above discussed points and your blog can perform better on search engines. Focusing on these points to optimize blog post will help to build blog audience and your blog will be ready for the longer run.