Best #Hashtag Tools For Social Media Marketing

A perfect hashtag increases your content visibility, explore best hashtag tools to find best hashtags.

Hashtags are the best way to locate topics, current posts and conversation on different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. Popular hashtags also help to gain new followers as well as to grow a business from scratch to a popular brand. Hashtags also help users to connect with other people and businesses on relative conversations.

So if you also use popular social media channels and want to know the real power of hashtags and how to research hashtags then go through this complete guide to explore best hashtag tools used by experts for social media marketing.

Lets start with What is Hashtag? As it will help beginners to understand the concept. If you already know about hashtags you can skip this section.

What is Hashtag?

What Is Hashtag

You can say hashtag is a type of meta data tag for social media websites with which users can easily find content on a particular topic. User can use top hashtags or can create their own hashtags by adding Pound sign (#) at the start of word without leaving any space.

Hashtags are used to draw attention of user towards fresh content and you can easily connect with audience that really has interest in the topic. When you add a hashtag in a post, it gets indexed in the social media channel. When users search for hashtag that you have also used in your post, the user can see all post in which that particular hashtag is used.

Why Use Hashtags?

Why You Use Hashtags

There are different reasons for why you use hashtags? Here are some solid reason that will resolve your queries.

Increase the Targeted Audience Reach – As you know that users use hashtags for searching content on social media channels so using relative hashtags to your business can help to reach more customers who really want to purchase your products.

Increase Click Rate –

“Posts with hashtags get double engagement than posts without hashtags.”

Hashtags increases post engagement and click through rate. But use them wisely overuse can also drop the engagement and click rate on the post. If you are using one or two hashtags you will get more exposure and user engagement. If you are using more than two hashtags in your posts you will definitely see a drop in user engagement and click rate.

How To Use Hashtags?

When you add a hashtag to a tweet or social media post take care of these

  • Do not create long hashtags that means do not add series of words in a single hashtag.
  • Do not overuse hashtags in a single tweet or social media post. Mostly people think, if they use more hashtags they will get more visibility. But they are wrong if you use more than two hashtags then there is also a drop in user engagement.
  • Also use relevant hashtags that perfectly define the content. Do not use hashtags that are irrelevant to the topic or content.
  • You can use trending hashtags for your tweets and posts to get more exposure on social media channels. Trending hashtags increase the chances of visibility of your posts and tweets as users search for trending one. But keep in mind trending hashtags should be relevant to the content, otherwise it will be considered as spam if you are using hashtags irrelevant to the topic.
  • You can also create your own hashtag, but it will take time for your created hashtags to become trending one. So be patient and till then you can use trending hashtags to get more exposure.

Now as you read above how much hashtags are important for social media marketing, so you need different hashtag research and analytics tools to choose best hashtags for your social media campaigns. Before we know about these hashtag tools lets know which social media channel support use of hashtags.

Twitter – Twitter is first social media channel from where hashtags are first used and start getting popularity. If you want to know more about the history of hashtags click here.

Keep in mind

Do not use more than 2 hashtags in a single tweet. If you use more than two tweets then you will see drop in user engagement.

Tweets with hashtags get more retweets and likes. You can test tweets with one, two and more than two hashtags to see the difference.

Instagram – Instagram is different from other social media channels. Here you can use more hashtags.

“According to Quicksprout, Posts with 11+ hashtags get highest engagement.”

Know the engagement rate for different number of hashtags used in a single post on Instagram by clicking here.

Facebook – Different opinion regarding the use of hashtags on Facebook, some think it does not put any effect on Facebook Post and some says it really works for their business. I think it totally depends upon the audience if they know how hashtag works and how they can use them for researching on Facebook then definitely hashtags work for your business.

Here is post where experts have explained use of hashtag on Facebook click here

Facebook creates unique url for hashtags where people can reach other people’s post with related content they are looking for. So use hashtags on the posts where they really required.

Google+ – Like other social media channels you can add hashtags to the posts, interesting thing is that Google+ also add hashtag to user posts if they find the keyword is relevant and popular.

Tumblr – When you are adding a new page to your Tumblr blog, it gives a option to add tags at the bottom of page. When you add tags it will automatically add hashtags to that particular page.

Many people also use hashtag in Pinterest Pin Description and in comments on Youtube. This way is also a useful.

Now lets know about the current popular hashtag tools that can help you to find best hashtags for social media marketing.

Best Hashtag Tools For Social Media

Hashtag Analytics For Your Brand is popular for its list of popular and trending hashtags. Its very easy to find current hashtags in use for particular keyword and also shows the analytics of particular hashtag that is how much a hashtag is used in 24 hours. Both free and paid plans are available on this website to track hashtags and can also compare the hashtags.

Top 10 Hashtag Related to Hashtags is the best tool to analyze relevant and related twitter hashtags for a particular keyword. One can easily find the popular hashtags and relationship of particular hashtag with other hashtags. This tool is really helpful when you want to know the related terms for particular hashtags. You can easily check the relevancy of a hashtag with the help of basic, advance and table mode available inside the tool according to your choice.

Hashatit is Social Search Engine is a Social Search Engine where you can easily search hashtags from popular social media websites likes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can filter the Hashtag search for particular social media website. Also when you search a hashtag this tool create a Hashtag board for that particular hashtag, you can share the link of that board with others or save it to get latest updates regularly.

Track Hashtags, Keywords and Links

Keyhole is used by Pros for tracking hashtags, keywords and links. You can track your posts that contains your hashtags and keywords in real time. You can also track competitors posts to optimize your content to increase your visibility. This tool is paid, but you can also try free trail before purchasing their paid membership its your choice.



Find Best Hashtags For Your Posts Using RiteTag

If you do not know what Hashtag you should post with your content then RiteTag can help. You can search hashtags by keyword or by topic. You can compose tweets in right tag and it will highlight them in red, green or blue to indicate how high are the chances for particular tweet to get discovered.



Seacrch Hashtags From Blogs, MicroBlogs, Videos, Images

SocialMention is the real time social media search to search hashtags from blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, videos, images etc. You can easily know what’s trending, what people are saying about any particular product or service.



Track Particular Hashtag From Multiple Social Media Channels

Tagboard act as a hub of hashtags, it search multiple social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Vine. For a particular hashtag a Tagbaord is created, you can save the link of particular Tagboard for routine tracking. You can sign and can connect with people who posted relative content from the posts shown.



HashTag Tool With Map

Geochrip helps to locate regional tweets and twitter accounts from particular area, it’s a map based tool. Login from your twitter account to access this tool.



Find Trending Hashtag From Particular Location Using TrendsMap

TrendsMap is another Map based tool, and you can easily know which hashtag is trending from particular location in the world.

These hashtag tools will help to select best hashtags for your posts and content to get more discover ability on social media websites. Which tool is your favorite? Are you using any other hashtag tool share your views in comment.