Top Social Media Marketing Tools To Promote Your Content

When it comes to market your business search engine optimization and social media are top ways to drive traffic to your website. Over past few years social media becomes an important part of search engine optimization also.

There is tough competition between businesses to deliver fresh content to reach audience regularly and business marketing is not limited to one social media website. When you have to manage different social media profiles for your business with regular content sharing to get noticed, you need help of social media marketing tools to boost your social media marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing Tools


Canva is the best tool to create colorful images that perfectly speaks what you want to say in your post as images speaks better than simple text.

Faster Image Creation Tool For Social Media

In Canva you can choose different image size of your choice, you can use different layouts, elements, text formats and can also upload images from your desktop for customization.

Different Features Available in Canva

Below is a short video tutorial showing how to create image within minutes for social media sharing and for blog posts.


Considered one of best tools to create infographics, posters, presentations and reports. You can choose from 400 different designs to represent storyline or start from scratch.

Piktochart Is used for creating Infographics

You can easily stretch the canvas size while creating infographic, also same as Canva you get different graphics (shapes, icons, photo and photo frame), option to upload from your desktop, Adding text and background image. You can also import image from a video youtube and vimeo urls are supported.

Features While Creating An Infographics Using Piktochart

Show your creativity and create eye catching presentations and infographics that readers want to listen.



Imgflip is one of fastest way to a create Meme. Meme spread like a virus with the help of blogs and social media websites.

Create Meme Using Imgflip

Mostly people create humor centered meme to connect with new followers and customers. Meme can be created within a minute if you want to know how to create a meme watch this video tutorial.



As in above tools you can upload images to create engaging images that will increase visibility of your business. Its not possible everytime to use an image with attribution or to give a link to the source, so Pixabay is a collection of copyright free images and videos that you can reuse.

Get Free Images For Reuse From Pixabay



Lightshot is screen capturing tool that helps to capture particular image from web or from desktop screen that you want to share with others. You can directly share a snapshot on social media profiles using lightshot.

Lightshot screenshot capturing tool

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Know Features Of Lightshot and How To Resolve Issue If Lightshot Does Not Start With Print Screen Button.   



Giphy is an online Gif maker with which you can create good humor and spread it over social media as Gifs are trendy.  Gifs help to increase engagement and you can interact with followers in a better way.

Create animated Gifs Using Giphy

Upload a video to Giphy and cut the 10 second part from the video to create the Gif.  Make social media profiles trendy and interesting using Gifs.



Create Animated Video Using Powtoon

Powtoon is the leading online video creation tool where you can use different layouts, animated characters, text effects and transitions to create explainer videos for products and services. Also you can create short clips with professional voice overs to attract customers using this tool. To use this tool you do not need professional skills, make a story line and start creating engaging videos for social media sharing.

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Create Whiteboard Videos Within Mintues

Explandio is one of top rated whiteboard video creation tool, whiteboard videos are one of trending way on social media websites to gain more followers and traffic. In this tool you can also add voice over to the videos to make it more eye catching on Facebook. I have used short clips with voice over on Facebook and it really drives better traffic and also converts visitor into customers. If you want to know more about the Explandio Features and Other Video Softwares.

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WhiteBoard Video Creation Softwares



Cinemagraphs are also a great way to catch user attention. Cinemagraphs are still photographs with a little moving part inside the image. You can easily create a cinemagraph absolutely free by using Cliplets, it’s a free tool from Microsoft.



Hashtags increase the visibility of social media posts and make it easy for user to find relevant content. Tagboard is a powerful tool by which you can easily find particular hashtag related posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Find Fresh Content For Particular Hashtag Using Tagboard

You can easily keep an eye on fresh content for hashtags. This tools create a board for particular hashtag and displays posts from different social media websites.

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How To Use Tagboard



With above tools you can create posts that you will post on social media websites, but with posting content you also have to manage social media profiles, track user comments and respond to them to convert users into customers.

Schedule Posts Using Hootsuite

HootSuite is the one of most used social media management tool to manage different social media profiles likes facebook, twitter, Google + and Linkedin.

For elevation of your business on social media you need these tools to manage social media profiles and to improve user engagement.

If you are using alternative social media marketing tools share with us we will add them in the list.