Best Practices For Online Teaching

Online teaching grows from academic experiment to real-time alternative approach to traditional classroom teaching methods. Its been a year when I first taught online and I experienced the word teaching is same but the tactics makes the difference. There are many expects you have to take care off otherwise learners and teacher both will have bad experience.

Perfection comes with the experience and I have also learnt many new rules of online teaching and learning in this one year. Here are tips from my experience that will help newcomers to teach online.

Tips For Effective Online Teaching

Online Teaching Requires More Preparation

If you think teaching online is easy then you are wrong, more preparation as this system cannot be compared to traditional teaching system. You have to reshape your classroom notes for the facility of learners. Also if you think your work is completed by teaching only, then tell me how you will grade the performance of your students?  How you will motivate them to participate in discussions.

A teacher has to take care of workload for daily and weekly assignments, as students are not bound to complete assignments every week as in traditional classroom teaching. Communicate with students through emails on regular basis.

In traditional classrooms teacher can give answers of students question verbally, but in online teaching answers require written explanation and sometimes written explanation requires more time than just simple verbal explanation.

If teacher is taking regular assignments from your students, then must return student performance in terms of grade quickly so that they know where they stand. Teacher must be ready to give answers of student questions from any location and at any time as students love to work at different time.

Regular Communication and Timely Feedback

Students highly appreciate regular communication and timely feedback from teacher side and it’s the key of effective online teaching. When a new student comes to join the course, there are lots of questions in his/her mind. It’s the duty of teacher to make the student comfortable with the course so that student can make the decision why to join your online course.

In online teaching teacher should provide students a friendly discussion environment where students can freely ask questions without hesitation and teacher should quickly respond to students queries. In place of verbal answers teacher has to give written answers for the better understanding of explanation.

Also it’s the duty of teacher to give quick feedback to students on their group and individual assignment, so that students can also access their performance and work on areas of improvement.

Use of Tools for Online Teaching

There are different types of video, audio and animation tools used to prepare interactive lectures for students online. But you should avoid large video and audio files as you are not sure large files will be accessible by every student.

Newcomers can start with notes in form of more text and short videos that are easily accessible for students.

Completion Time For Assignment

In traditional classroom study students can make groups and discuss several assignments, but in online teaching you are not sure discussion on one assignment will be completed in one day or couple of days. Teachers can give assignment to students that covers more related topics and give more discussion time to students.

Motivate Students

It’s the duty of teacher to motivate the student by providing interesting information on topic and also give assignments that compels students to learn and search more. Also if you do not grade the assignments students will start losing interest and may be in future they will stop completing assignments. If you are giving students any assignment or activity and make that a part of grading students will show more interest. Also add deadlines for particular assignments that will keep the assignment delivery on same pace. Weekly assignment with deadlines are good way to keep students motivate and also increase their participation skills.

Feedback from Students

A teacher can also take feedback from students whether your way of online teaching is working for them. What areas require improvement, they need more practical knowledge in form of assignments.

With all above tips you should give a complete description of the online course so that person knows what topics are covered and is it beneficial for him/her to join your online course. These tips will help you, if you are planning to teach online. Also experiment new ideas for better understanding of topics for students, the ultimate goal is students learn the topics.