Lightshot Screenshot Tool For Windows and Mac

Screenshot tools are one of important tool in offices and for users who spent more time on internet. Previously everybody use inbuilt print screen function, it has limited functionality. You have to first adjust screen and then copy-paste the screenshot to paint to for further editing and saving. It’s time consuming until Lightshot is created.

Lightshot is a user friendly tool with an online image editor that makes the whole process of capturing screenshot easier. It has replaced the standard window tool for capturing screen. Go through this tutorial to learn how to capture screen shot using Lightshot.

Lightshot screen capturing tool to speed up your work
Lightshot Screenshot Capturing Tool

Lightshot Screenshot Capturing Tool

  • First install Lightshot in your system (Click Here To Download). This tool is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Download Lightshot Extension For Google Chrome

You can also install Add-On to Google Chrome, it will add a feather button to the browser, just click on feather             button to capture screenshot inside browser window.

  • Once its installed on system, you can use print screen key from keyboard to start Lightshot. When you press the print screen button the screen gets fade and “select area” message will appear near mouse pointer.

Print Screen will enable lightshot


  • Now you can select the area by clicking left mouse button, drag the cursor to another point and release the button. Now it will show a selected area with image editing and screenshot saving options on the right side and on the bottom of selected area.


How to capture screenshot using Lightshot


  • In right hand side menu you can write using pen tool.

You can use lines to cover some part of screenshot, you do not want to show in screenshot.

Use cursors if you want to point to particular point.

Use rectangle to select area inside the screenshot.

Marker tool can be used to highlight text.

Text is used to add some text to the screenshot. You can select the different color of all above options according            to your choice.

  • In the bottom menu you will find saving and sharing options for screenshot.

Save the screenshot directly to the system.

Copy the screenshot and paste it in other programs likes word document.

Print the screenshot directly, if you have printer attached to the system.

Option to search similar images on Google.

Share screenshot directly on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and VK

You can also upload the screenshot to, when you click on upload button it will start uploading and            return a Url that you can share with others.

Upload Screenshot to using lightshot

Lightshot Hotkeys List

Here is list of keyboard shortcuts you can use while using Lightshot

PrtScr- Press the Prtscr hotkey on keyboard to start the app.

Ctrl + C- Once the area for screen capturing is selected you can easily copy it to the clipboard using this command and paste it in other programs.

Ctrl + S – Save the screenshot using this keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl + E – To modify any screenshot, hit this shortcut and screenshot will open in the online image editor.

Ctrl + D – If you do not want to save the screenshot to your desktop, you can upload it to using this shortcut and it will return a Url for particular screenshot.


If Lightshot app does not start with PrtScr button, then what to do?

I have heard this question many time, Lightshot does not start with PrtScr button.

You can start the Lightshot from start menu. Search the app and click to run the app. After that it will start working from prtscr button.

This solution is temporary and you have to perform this action every time when you start your desktop. For permanent solution you need to add Lightshot in the startup processes so that it will automatically start when system start.

Here is the procedure to add lightshot in the startup processes

  • Open run dialogue box by pressing window + r keys from keyboard.

Open msconfig to open system settings

  • Type msconfig in the run dialogue box and press ok to open the system configuration.

System Configuration

  • In system configuration go to the startup tab and enable the Lightshot application and press ok.

Enable LightShot In Startup Menu

Now Lightshot will start automatically every time when your system starts.

If your routine work requires screenshots and sharing with clients then this tool will really speed up your work.