Fsymbols Collection Of Emojis and Special Characters

Special characters are one of trending feature that is used worldwide by users to make their social media profile unique. These special characters easily attract one’s attention, you can use these special characters in chat, social media profiles and status on different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and MySpace. You can use alt and number key sequence to insert these special characters. If its difficult for you to remember all the sequence, then you can also copy special characters from Fsymbols.

Fsymbols is an online collection of special characters, emotions and cute symbols. It’s the topmost visited domain for using special characters. Let’s go through the different types of symbols available on Fsymbols.

Cool Text Symbols On Facebook- These text symbols can be used for general messages, chats, status updates and in comments. You can express your thoughts better from others using these symbols.

Copy Facebook symbols and paste anywhere


Character Maps- Character maps are onscreen set of symbols for IOS, Linux, MAC and Windows. You can download the character map in these OS to facilitate the use of special characters.

Character Map For IOS

Emoji Symbols- Emoji symbols are coolest symbol for apple, android and windows phones. These symbols are available in black and white color on Fsymbols, Same symbols are available on Facebook and Twitter in colored section. 

Copy Emoji Symbols To Use In Chat and Status

Text Emotions- If you want to make the written text more interesting you can use these text emotions. These text emotions connect people deeper with the content.

Use Text Emotions In Any Text

Fsymbols is the best website to insert emotions and special characters faster into the text, chat, messages, comments and status. Easy to use, just copy the symbol you need and paste it anywhere in text where you want to use the symbol.

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