How To Insert Special Character Using Character Map In Windows 7

Computer keyboard has different types of keys for different characters, but many special characters are not present on the keyboard. A special character cannot be found on the keyboard, but you can insert special character using different ways. Different types of special characters like mathematics ( ½, ± ), punctuation (©), currency (£ ) symbols and accent letters (â) are required occasionally.

You have listen about different Alt Key Sequence for special character insertion, but do you know there is also another way by which you can insert a character. You do not have to search characters online, if you are using windows 7 then you can easily insert character with the help of Character Map. Windows 7 has inbuilt character map to insert characters. In this article you will read how to access character map and how to use it.

How To Insert Special Characters Using Character Map?

1. Go to the start menu, type charmap and press enter. Character map box will open as shown below

Character Map in Windows 7

You can see most of the special characters you need are available in the character map.

2.  On the top section you will see font bar where you can select the font for the special character according to your choice

Select Particular Font In Character Map

3.  To insert a character just click double click on the character you need and character map will display the character in characters to copy bar and then click on copy button to copy the character.

Double click to select a special character

When a character appears in characters to copy bar at the bottom right corner, character map also display the keystroke for the particular character.

4. One great advantage of character map is that you can copy multiple characters, select characters and then copy all selected characters by clicking on copy button.

You can copy multiple characters in character map

Now you can paste the characters in your mail or in any document.

If you have any other method to find special characters share with us so that others can know about them.