Advance Twitter Marketing Tactics

If you have a blog or business you might be using twitter for driving traffic and engagement on your blog or business website. The real value of twitter for marketing is only if people are engaging on twitter.

Are you getting enough engagement on twitter? Even you are supplying quality content, but still audience are not engaging then there is no use of using twitter for marketing.

If you want to increase your follower count and tweet engagement you must know all latest twitter marketing tactics that will help you to become a powerful identity on twitter. If you do not about how to use twitter for marketing then these tactics will help you to become a PRO.

Twitter Marketing Tactics

# Share Tweets With Images

Previously text tweets are shared on twitter more frequently, but surveys shows tweets with images are getting double engagement. So to get more likes and shares on your tweets try to post images with tweets.

Increase Engagement By Sharing Tweet With An Image

You can upload custom image from your mobile or desktop that perfectly defines what you want to say. The format of image should be JPEG, GIF or PNG.

Twitter also provide user to post tweets with more than 140 characters using twitter cards. Installing a twitter card on your website or blog will automatically post image with summary when your share website page or post url in the tweet.

Show Image In Tweet With Twitter Summary Card

Learn Here How To Add A Twitter Summary Card To Your Website Or Blog

# Limit The Length Of Your Tweet

May be you do not have noticed tweets with less characters have more engagement and get more retweets. Limit the character length between 80 to 100 characters give user an option to retweet your tweet with a comment. Users love less editing work, as for 140 character tweet user have to edit first to write a comment and then retweet.

No one want to edit your tweet while retweet

 # Generate User Curiosity

Share tweets that generate user curiosity, do not explain about the topic you are sharing.

You tweet should highlight the benefit of topic why user read your topic that will generate user curiosity and increase the engagement rate.

Here is an example of tweet that generate user curiosity
Ask Question in Tweets To Generate User Curiosity

Asking a question in the tweet generate curiosity to find the answer, so asking a question is a good tactic to generate curiosity.

# Tweet In Perfect Time Interval

Post Tweets In Best Time Interval

You can use Tweriod or Followerwonk to find best time to tweet. Here is a post for best time to tweet for different time zones.

It has been noticed tweets in day time get more engagement than in late hours. Also do not miss Saturday and Sunday, as user engagement rate is higher on the weekend. Tweets in non-busy hours have higher engagement than busy hours.

# Ask For Retweets

There is no shame in asking followers to retweet, adding RT to your tweet increase the retweet rate. But do not add RT to all the tweets, as excess of everything is bad.

# Posts Tweets With Links

Post tweet with website or post url

# Use Hashtags

Hashtag is a powerful way to improve the visibility of your tweets. You can find the popular hashtag for particular keyword using Tagboard.

Keep in mind do not use more than two hashtag in one tweet, as tweets with more hashtags also gets less impressions.

# Location Is The Key For Increasing Presence

Adding a location to the tweets will help your tweets to get more visibility from a particular location and also increases your follower count.

Read Here Twitter Marketing Guide Location Matters

All above tactics will help you to post tweets in a better way that help to improve follower count and tweet engagement. With these twitter marketing tactics you also need tools that help you to manage your twitter account.

There are four main requirements

# Content Scheduling

# Follower Management

# Hashtag Interest

# Increase Engagement

# Content Scheduling

When you know what is the best time to post, you can schedule post for the particular time slot. Use Twuffer for scheduling it’s the top scheduling tool used for twitter.

# Follower Management

Follower management is also an important step in twitter marketing, maintain a follower and following ration on your account. You can use Tweepi for management of followers.

# Hashtag Interest

Along with using hashtag in the tweets, you can also search other tweets who use same hashtag similar to use. Use Tagboard to find tweets and directly reply them to get more engagement.

# Increase Engagement

One of another way to increase engagement on your tweets is to get shares and likes from real twitter followers. Just Retweet is such a tool where you can get real retweets and likes from top bloggers automatically increasing your presence.

Go deeper about these tools read here – Twitter Tools Startups and Small Businesses Must Use

Follow all above twitter marketing tactics and get better twitter presence. If you are using any other tactic that help startups then share with us.