WordPress Beginners Guide Add Featured Image & Twitter Card

WordPress is the best CMS for SEO friendly websites and blogs. Everyone want to add best features to their website/blog that leads to higher audience engagement. If you are also using this CMS, then I am sure you also look for new features for the success of you website or blog. In this WordPress beginners guide you will learn how to add featured image and twitter card to your website.

WordPress Beginners Guide

How To Add A Featured Image To  WordPress Website

Featured Image is a theme feature in WordPress that represents particular post or page on blog or website respectively. Featured Image did not shows inside a post, it will represent the post and lies above the Title of Post.

WordPress Beginners Guide Add Featured Image For Better Engagement

If you want to engage audience on your website a featured image can get the job done for you. Create a featured image that help user to understand what the page or post is all about.

To add a featured image go to the admin panel of website and click on the post in which you want to add the image. Click On Add Media Button For Further Action.

Click On Add Media Button

After that a pop window will open click on featured image in the top left side menu, after that you can upload an image from your device or from the media library.

You Can Upload New Image Or Add From Media Library

Watch this short video tutorial how to upload a featured image.

Also while sharing posts on social media websites featured image is displayed with the post and helps to drive more traffic.

How To Add Twitter Summary Card To WordPress Website

If you want to drive qualified traffic to the website twitter is one of leading platform that help websites to reach relative audience. But sometimes you need more than 140 characters to express, so you can use twitter cards to improve the traffic flow to the website, product or particular page. There are 5 types of cards

Summary Card
Summary Card With Larger Image
App Card
Player Card
Lead Generation Card

In This section you will learn how to display summary or summary with larger image on twitter from your website or blog post.

Click on SEO By Yoast and Then On Social


After clicking on Yoast, further click on social from drop down. In Social Menu first add your twitter username, after that go to the twitter tab, here enable add the twitter card meta data and save the changes.

Enable Twitter Summary Card Option

Its your choice you want to display only the summary or summary with larger image. Keep the dimensions of images 600px * 315px or less than that to display complete image in the tweet.

View Source Code To Twitter Summary Card Is Implemented

After go to any page or post of your website you will see these meta data added to every post or page of your website. Now every time posting a tweet with website link it will display the image from post or website page with summary or simply summary depends upon the option you selected.

Watch this short video tutorial how to add twitter summary card

Use these tips to drive more relevant traffic and present the information, products or your services in a better way to audience.