How To Write Many Articles Fast

Creating many articles is not an easy task, many people are having a hard time on writing and they are investing too much time and effort on writing many articles. Kindly consider following these steps to write many articles fast so that you will not invest too much time.


Create a list

You will need to create a list of topics of articles that you want to create to easily determine what articles you’re going to write and by doing that you will save a lot of time instead of thinking what articles I’m going to write, what topics and titles.

Make a research

Once you already have your list of topics of articles you’re going to write, make a research about those topics to have and gain information that can help you to easily write contents for those articles on your list that you’re going to write. Imagine yourself writing the contents about those topics and titles you put on your list and you don’t have much information or knowledge you will consume a lot of time because you’re not that ready to write the contents.


Organize before you start

You’ve done your research and you already collect some information and ideas about those topics of your articles. It’s time to organize, determine the priority level of your topics and make sure that you have information for each topics you put on the list.


Use an article template or outline

You already have your list of topics and a lot of information about to those topics. Before you start the writing section, much better if you’re going to use an article template or outline so that you can easily determine if what are the parts or sections of your article like Title:,  Keyword phrase:,  Angle:,  Introduction:,  Body, : Topics: and Conclusion:.


Keep it short

You don’t need to put too many words or create many paragraphs when creating an article. As they say it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. Just keep brief and concise.


By following these steps you can write many articles fast. You’re ready and you know what to do, that’s why you will not end up like saying what’s next? What I’m going to write? and etc. Just take note when you’re tired, take a break and don’t force yourself.