How To Search Images For Social Media Marketing

When you open your social media profile whether its Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Google+ you see posts with colorful images and content. Research shows colorful visuals generates more buzz as people are willing to read such content more. Adding a colorful image with a tagline works double than simply sharing website link. So to maximize your presence and traffic on your website you need to share different types of images full of humor and information that audience want to read.

To create a buzz over social media you need continuous supply of images and content, but its not possible to create images all the time. So you need images that can be reused, in this article learn how you can find images that can be reused and how to add text to those images within minutes.

How To Search Free Images For Social Media Marketing?

To search royalty free images that help you to deliver your message go to Google Search, type the keyword for which you want to search images.

How To Use Google Search For Searching Images For Social Media Marketing

After search results display the result go to images. Click on search tool images, after that a bar will be displayed under search tools. Click on usage rights and then select option labeled for reuse. After clicking search engine will display images that can be reused. Here is a short tutorial that helps startups to understand the process.


How To Add Text To Images Your Searched?

After downloading free images from above procedure, next step is to add tagline that completely justifies what you want to say.

Tool To Add Text To Searched Images

Go To Imgflip where you can upload images you selected, after uploading an image you can easily write at top and bottom of that image, if you want to display text in center of that image you can easily drag one of text box, after you write the text, easily download the image and use it for social media marketing. Watch this short tutorial to see how to add text.

Both tasks can be performed within minutes and you can increase the flow of sharing content and images on social media websites. If you want to learn more tips that help you in better marketing of your business stay tuned with