Pinterest Tutorial Guide To Improve Presence

Pinterest is one of top popular social network like Facebook and Twitter that do not centre on status updates, but to save different types of information under boards for reading.

Example- If you are health conscious and searching for exercises or food tips online, you can save any interesting articles, videos and infographics by pinning it on the board. You can easily create a health board where you can save the information or you can create two different boards one for exercises and other for food habits.

Pinterest Tutorial Guide

In this post I am sharing some simple tips that will help a startup or novice marketer to grow their presence and follower count.

1. Use Pinterest News Section

When you click on top right icon on profile a drop-down will open with three sections News, You and Messages. Click on News Section to check latest pins, boards similar to your boards and also notifications regarding people who start following new people.

Pinterest tutorial Guide For Improving Presence and Follower Count


You can like or save new pins, follow new boards similar to your interest or you can check the list of fresh followers of a particular person to follow new people that have same interest.  Check out this video tutorial to know more about using this method to improve the presence on Pinterest.


2. Add Location To The Pinterest Pins

One of the mistake mostly made on Pinterest as the location option comes on editing a posted pin.

Add Location To The Pinterest Pins

When you post a pin then go to the board and edit that pin to add a location. You can also add location the content of Pin. Adding a location will bring your pins in search result on the Pinterest when somebody searches for resources according to a particular location. Adding location will help user to reach resources from particular location. By adding a city in the location I have reached more people from particular location on Pinterest and gained more followers. Watch this short video tutorial if you want to see the how to add a location to the pins.


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