Twitter Marketing Guide- Location Matters

Twitter is one of worldwide social network used for marketing a business. Marketers and business owners always want to connect with audience from targeted location and its not easy for them to find audience from particular location. This twitter marketing tutorial guide consist of two tips based on location that will help you to connect with audience from particular location as well as increase visibility of tweets for people of that particular location.

Twitter Marketing Guide- How Location Helps?

Add Location To Your Tweets

It’s the easiest way to improve your tweet presence in a particular area, as it guides people who are searching for tweets for that particular location. Mostly people forget to add location and tweet without a location gets less visibility, as others will not see that tweet while searching for that particular location. So its really important for businesses to add location while marketing on twitter to improve their visibility.

All you have to do click on location option in the tweet (as shown in image below), select your location and post the tweet. This will help you gain more followers from a particular location.


Twitter Marketing Guide- Add Location in Tweets


Here is a short tutorial that will give you more clarity

Use Location To Search People-

This part is related to first one, now you are searching for people who have used location in tweets and on their profile.  To search audience from particular location (city or state or country) you have to enter a search query in the search box.  Here is the syntax of search query

Syntax- location: name of location

Example- If I am searching for audience from Australia then I will write location:Australia in the search box.  This query will return results with tweets and profiles from Australia location and I can easily connect with them.

See this short tutorial to see how this search query works?

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