Twitter Tutorials Guide- Search Queries

Twitter is one of powerful tool to raise your voice and reach local community faster. Do you use twitter for marketing your business? If yes, then often you are looking for methods to reach local community from particular area or people with same interest. has brought short tutorials that help business owners as well as twitter addicted audience to connect with community according to country and according to the Industry category.

Twitter Tutorials To Use Search Queries

1. Search Query For Searching People From Particular Location

Many marketers get a question from client side that their followers are not relevant, they need a industry related followers or particular location based followers. So adding people from particular location will help to increase presence better, as you are connected to relevant audience from you area.

You have to login in your twitter account, go to search bar and type the query

Syntax of Query – People From County Name

Example- Suppose I have to search people from India , so I will write query- People From India

This query will search people on twitter with accounts from particular location whether a country, state or city.

Watch this video tutorial to see how search query to search people from particular location work.


2. Search Query To Search Specific Industry Related Profiles From Particular Location

For Specific Industry related keywords you have to type this query

Syntax Of Query- Keyword County name

Example- If I have to search business owners from USA, I will write- owners from USA

It will return results for different profiles who mention they are business owners.

Watch this video to know search query to search specific industry related profiles from particular location works

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