TagBoard Powerful Hashtag Tracking Tool

Twitter brings the trend of Hashtag and with its popularity other social media platforms Facebook, Google+ and Instagram also added this functionality.  #Hashtags help to get connected to people with same interest and you can increase your followers as well as take active part in discussions related to particular keyword you want to target.

May be you have used many Hashtag tracking tools, but there is one tool that is used by rookies as well pros to grow their presence from zero to a popular person on twitter.  The tool is Tagboard and it really helped me to grow my presence on Twitter as well as helped me to connect with people on Facebook, Google+, Vine and Instagram also.

TagBoard Hashtag Tracking Tool

The biggest advantage of Tagboard is that its absolutely free. You can track particular keywords and you do not have to search the keyword again, you can easily create a board for particular keyword and next time just go to your boards and track the latest tweets or posts.

If you want to search a keyword you can search without login and if you want to create a tag board for particular keyword you have to login. You can further share the tag board with other people so that they can connect with you and follow discussions. Here is an example of a Tagboard https://tagboard.com/BiZiDEX/280321

Tag Board Example For A Particular Hashtag Tracking

Round Up

Let’s Go through Tag Board Advantages Once Again

1. You can track Hashtag on 6 different social media websites.

2. You can easily create a tagboard for particular keyword and share it with others to get into discussions and other people can connect with you on social media websites.

3. While tracking a hashtag you can click on particular post and connect with the person to increase your presence.

To know more about tagboard watch this video tutorial and use this hashtag tracking tool to increase your presence on your favorite social media platform.

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