Google Analytics & User Metrics

In Google Analytics numbers plays an important role, do you ever think how it shows users in the data. There is a client ID assigned to each user when user visits your website. This Client ID is a combination of numbers that are set on browser with Google Analytics Cookies.

Structure Of Client ID

Structure Of GA Client Id


The client id consist of four parts

  • GA1 is the first part that represents the version.

GA User7

  • 2 is the second field that represents the number of components in a particular domain.

GA User8

Example- it has two components abc and com separated by dot. Now if there a domain then it    has 3 components.

  • 1126278962 is the third part, it’s the random unique id.

GA User9

  • 1460211586 represents when the first time cookie is set for particular user.

GA User10

So the third and fourth field combined forms the client id.

Things You Need To Remember While Checking Google Analytics User Data

1. When first time a user visit a website from laptop, desktop or mobile device and from different browsers Chrome, Firefox or internet explorer Google Analytics gives a unique client ID.

2. The unique Id Google Analytics gives is considered as a new visit. Every time a new unique Id is generated considered as new user visit the website.

3. When a user with same unique ID visits the website in a new session it is considered as return visit.

4. If the user clears the browser cookies then the data is deleted and the visit is not considered as returning visit.

5. If user open same website from different device or in a different browser again the visit is considered new.

So now you know how Google Analytics shows user data. Stay tuned with to know more about different topics and tools for online marketing.