Twuffer Best Twitter Scheduling Tool

Content scheduling is on top most priority while marketing on twitter.  Its not possible for a person to spent 7 to 8 hours on twitter and manually post tweets every minute. Also content scheduling can go wrong if you do not know the best time to post tweets, when people are online according to your location. Best time to post on twitter can be found easily with content scheduling.

I used twuffer as a twitter scheduling tool and it really helped me to become a powerful user on twitter.

Twuffer is best twitter scheduling tool

Twuffer helps a twitter user to schedule future tweets, no matter how long gap you want to give between two tweets.

When you open the website you will see a screen with sign in twitter button on top right hand side.

twuffer 29 march

Click on login with twitter button and it will take you to screen where it ask for authorize app.

twuffer 29 march1

Click on authorize app and you will be taken to Twuffer dashboard

twuffer 29 march 3

In the dashboard top space is for writing a tweet with 140 characters.

twuffer 29 march 4

Below that you can see a tab with date, day and month, click on it to open the calendar to select a particular date or month to post special tweets.

twuffer 29 march 5

Suppose there is a upcoming festival next month so you can schedule tweets in advance so that it will reach audience at best time.

In the adjacent tab there is an option to select particular time interval from a day. After selecting the time you can click on schedule tweet button and your tweet will be scheduled for particular day and at particular time.

twuffer 29 march 6

Below scheduling options there are five tabs named dashboard, scheduled, sent, failed and settings.

twuffer 29 march 7

Dashboard shows total number of entered tweets, number of tweets in scheduling and total number of tweets sent on twitter.

In Schedule tab you can see the tweets that are in current scheduling.

twuffer 29 march 9

In the sent tab you can check the tweets successfully posted.

twuffer 29 march 10

Failed tab shows tweets that are unsuccessful to post with reason why its not get posted. You can edit these tweets and set a new time for scheduling.

twuffer 29 march 11

In the setting tab you can select the time zone according to your location.

twuffer 29 march 12

This twitter scheduling tool is really simple and free of cost; anybody can use this tool.

Advantage Of Twuffer For Twitter Scheduling

This tool helps me to find best time to schedule posts, if you want to find best time according to your location schedule tweets for 24 a day for 2 to 7 days and after that check the analytics on twitter to see at which time you get more impressions, that will be your best time to post tweets.

To learn more you can watch this video tutorial for twuffer.