4 Best Social Media Platform To Use For Marketing

Nowadays there are so many social media networks but does all of them are good to use for your business to do some marketing? It depends on your business if what kind of platform is the best to use. Based on my research and experienced, the 4 best social media platform right now to use is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +. These 4 social media platforms has their own strengths.



Having the largest number of users and the most popular social media right now. Facebook is so flexible, almost any type of business can use Facebook to market their pages. You can easily leverage your content via joining to relevant groups, inviting some friends or buyer persona to like your pages and you can also use different kinds of advertisement that suits your needs. Facebook builds brand loyalty and reputation.


The second most popular social media platform right now. It is very different compare to Facebook. You can update as many as you want on this platform. It is use for quick updates, breaking news, events and mostly about what’s the trending. You can collect instant feedback from your audience. You can also use advertisements on this platform but unlike the Facebook, there are only few options.


The most famous platform for Business to Business (B2B) marketing. You need to study a lot more about LinkedIn before starting doing marketing on this platform. In this platform there are so many prohibited rules that’s why you need to be careful so that your account will not going to be suspend or block. Almost all of the users here are professionals. If your targets are professionals and businesses then this is the best platform to use.


This platform is just like an online scrapbook, if your business is all about selling items especially DIY this is the right place for your business to advertise. Pinterest is just like a tons of pictures about new discovery or new innovation. In this platform you can showcases products, and displays brand essence through inspiration boards.


These are my top 4 social media platforms to use for marketing. As I said, it depends on what kind of platforms suits your business but if you want you can use all of these platform for your business.to fully maximize your marketing.