Powtoon Free Online Video Maker

Presenting your business in form of visual content and images is the latest trend in marketing, giving better presence to your business. With online video maker tools you can create a video faster.

For creating a video online you should take care of these things

1. Storyline of video- You should create all possible points of storyline before creating video. When you have all points, you do not have to think much during video creation.

2. Choosing a Video Tool and Voiceover tool- I have placed video and voice over tool together because many tools offer both options and other comes with music. You need additional voice over tool to add voice to the video. A video with professional voice works better.
In this article we will discuss about one of best online video maker tool used worldwide and you can also add your voice to the video. I am talking about Powtoon that helped me to create professional videos.
An Online Video Maker Tool

Lets go through This Online Video Maker Tool

First step is to sign up on Powtoon and login to your account. You will be taken to a dashboard where you get two options either create videos or professional presentations.
Powtoon User Dashboard

Click on create button and you will be taken to next screen where you can choose a template to create a video. Templates are from different categories you can choose a particular category to see templates in that particular category. Also you can create video from scratch or you can edit a ready-made template.
Powtoon different video templates

Lets edit a ready-made template, after selecting a template next screen is the working area where you can edit the template.

Powtoon video creation dashboard

On left side on the top you can switch between video and presentation mode. With that you can add a new slide or delete a previous slide, duplicate a slide or clone the objects of slide.
Powtoon Left Side Options

Below that you can see the different slides of your video, and right blow there is option to add a slide with layout or without layout. Below that there is an option to play or pause the video and to add hand transitions to the video.

Center screen contains the area where you can insert text, animation and props with the timeline to select the time for particular object to display on screen or to get vanish from screen.

Video Creation Canvas with timeline

On right hand side is the library containing

  1. Different video styles
  2. Animated Characters
  3. Props
  4. Text
  5. Backgrounds
  6. Shapes
  7. Images
  8. Sound

Powtoon Right Hand Side Menu

The Search box gives you facility to search any prop, animation or background from other styles even without selecting that particular style.

You can use moving characters and props to give better effect to video. Text comes with different styles and moving letters. You can upload any image with and without frame in the video; also you can add music or your own voice to the slides of video.

For professional voice over you need the help of VoiceBunny, that’s a paid option.

Also some of styles are paid and if you use a paid style or any object from paid style, powtoon will say you to upgrade your account.

In a free plan you have many styles, animations and props to use; only drawback is that video comes with a powtoon watermark. If you are ok with the watermark you can create really good animation videos. Now you know all about this tool, start creating videos today.

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