How To Set Up Like Campaign on Facebook Page

A  Facebook page that has no audience is almost nothing, you can’t fully use it for marketing. Wondering on how to create an effective campaign for your Facebook page to gain some relevant audience in a short period of time. Follow these steps:

Research Your Audience

You need to determine first what kind of audiences you need, think and research if what kind of persons who will use your service or product to make sure those persons are relevant to your page.

Set Up Your Campaign

  • Put a brief and concise text that tells what is your page is all about.
  • Location of your target audiences
  • Interest
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Pricing and Duration

          The pricing of the campaign depends on the interest, location, age and etc.

  • Be creative

           You cannot put too many text on this type of advertisement that’s why you need to be creative on             the picture to attract users.

Ad Placement Mastery

Decide where do you want to show your advertisement either on your local community, worldwide or custom specific places you want. In a form of mobile advertisement or desktop. Also the dates of your campaign or you’re going to put some interval. Be creative

Split Testing

Create many different variations of this kind of advertisement then analyze to know what is better and stick to that advertisement that brings the best results


Creating campaign for Facebook Business Page is a must especially when your page is new. To build your audience and to easily leverage the existence of your business. Also to interact to your targets and previous customers.