How To Create Artwork For Blogs

You’ve probably heard about the importance of visual content. Having an artwork for your blog post is a must to attract the readers and to tell what is the article is all about in a creative way  instead of using text only. Here are some steps on how to create an artwork.

Read the blog/post that have been created to be published

Check the blog/post to know what’s it all about to know what kind of artwork needs to be create that suits the blog/post

Determine the quantity & theme of artworks

Determine how many artworks required to be added to the individual posts and their theme. If they are going to create for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and etc. because every social networks has different sizes required for images.

Go to stock art sites

Download some stock photos that you are going to use to avoid copyright issues/plagiarism.

For example –

Search for artwork relevant to the needs

  • Download relevant images.

If it needs to be purchased, just download their “preview” version and use it. At the time of actual posting, images can be purchased by management and then preview images can be replaced.

  • Using random/purchased image, you can also create artwork of your own

Downloaded some fonts.

For example from –

  • Use image editing software like Photoshop to create the artwork. You can use Photoshop tools like brush, smudge, slice tool etc.


Using artwork for blogs can really help to drive traffics, attract the attention of readers and also can be use for advertisements so that some of the readers will easily recognize the branding and trademark of your business.