Best Twitter Tools Marketers & Businesses Must Use

For marketing your business on twitter efficiently add these tools to your daily twitter marketing plan.

More than 300 million active users, twitter is one of top social media platform used by businesses and marketers for promotion. With help of Twitter, you can reach niche audience according to location, age, gender, local city or particular target area.

Building presence on twitter includes daily tasks from regular posting, managing followers, fast response to followers, hashtag research and much more. So you need a right set of twitter tools to grow your presence. To covers, all these tasks only twitter is not enough you need an extra set of tools (third party tools) that will help you to manage and automate your daily twitter activities.

Best Twitter Tools For Twitter Marketing


Twuffer is one of best twitter scheduling tools available with free and paid accounts. Why its best, because in free version there is no limitation on posting tweets, you can schedule as many tweets for posting for the particular time interval or for the whole day.

Twuffer- Twitter Tool For Scheduling Tweets

Posting on different time intervals helped me to search best posting time and this tool is the best in this task. Also, regular posting has improved follower count and improved the presence on twitter.  This tool does not have any annoying ads. So it’s best for scheduling tweets.

With paid account, you can even manage multiple twitter accounts from one Twuffer account and upload spreadsheets to schedule tweets.


When I started building followers on twitter, I followed many people in a day, some follow back and all other just added to my profile. At one time there is a difference of 1000 people in followers and the following ratio. If you start unfollowing people directly on Twitter, it’s time-consuming.

Twitter Tool To Manage Followers

Tweepi is a free tool to manage your followers, you can easily saw the name with options mutual friendship and people you followed. Mutual friendship means you both followed each other and rest are people who did not follow back. With the free version of tool, you can unfollow 80 people a day.


Twipho is the twitter search tool in which you can easily search twitter in form of photos. Just add the hashtag and it will show relative hashtag images. You can also search for images near your location using this tool.

Twitter Search Tool

If you want to see the latest postings leave the search empty and click the search button, it will show all latest photos. You can reply or retweet from this tool directly without going back to twitter profile.


To keep the regular traffic flow you need to covers trending topics in tweets too. Trending24 is a good tool to see what’s trending in last 24 hours. It will break the trending topics per hour with respect to worldwide or the location you choose from the list they given in the dropdown.

Check What's Trending on Twitter in 24 hours

Daily 140

With this tool you will get notified on your mail who recently followed you, also you can find favorites of 5 twitter user of your choice on daily basis.

Get Twitter Updates With This Tool
This tool is free and it will help to find new signals to grow your audience.


Great twitter analytics tool to analyze any one’s tweets, replies, hashtags and mentions. Also get insights of people whom you follow and people who follow you. How many times you get retweet and favorite tweet? All the information can be downloaded in excel sheets.

Twitter Analytics Tool


This tool is available with both free and paid account. A free account is also helpful in collecting useful data.

Tag The Bird

With this twitter tool, you can easily find what’s trending on twitter this week, month year from the countries mentioned in the list.

Country Based Twitter Tool For Trending Stories

Rite Tag

To increase presence on twitter hashtags are an important factor, so to know what are the best hashtags for your business you can use Rite Tag.  Rite tag is one of top twitter hashtag search tool used by startups to experts.

Find Best Hashtags With This Twitter Tool

Click here to know 9 hashtag tools for Social Media.


Another great twitter search tool to search posts and images related to particular hashtag or keyword. The result shown by this tool are real time results.

Twitter Search Tool

One Million Tweet Map

If you want to collect and analyze data for different locations or for particular location this twitter tool is best option. You can filter time upto past 6 hours  and analyze the particular keywords and hashtags.

Analytics Tool For Twitter


One of best way to improve sales and presence is to connect with audience live. So Twubs is a great option to start your own chat. You can tell your audience to join the chat. I have used this tool and it helped me to improve the twitter presence. Its really a great twitter chatting tool and its free.

Twitter Chat Tool

These are tools that I practically used to improved presence on twitter. I have shared the twitter tools that you can use absolutely free and helped you to improve presence on twitter.

If you are using any other twitter tools reply in comments and I will add in the list.