5 Tools For Creating Amazing Videos Online

Use these online video creation tools for creating amazing videos

If you see 8 or 9 years back people depend upon softwares to create professional videos for marketing their business. Even a little portion knows how to use those softwares, other depends upon professional video makers. Softwares are really heavy and you need a high speed machine to run them. So in all the whole process is time consuming.

In previous 3 or 4 years things changed, there are many online video creation tools available for creating professional videos within an hour. You just have to drag and drop items on the slides, adjust time of slides and your video is ready. Here is a list of best tools available today that you can use for marketing your business and you can use your creativity to create interesting videos.

Online Video Creation Tools



Moovly is a good tool for startups to create animated videos. You can start on a blank canvas or you can edit an existing video from different styles available in their gallery. A lot of options are available to customize the props and characters in the video. Moovly gives three plans to the users one is free and other two are paid. In free plan there are some limitations, you cannot remove the watermark of video. Check the link to learn more about Pricing Plans.



Goanimate is another wonderful tool for video creation. You can select different characters with suitable backgrounds and different effects to make your video eye catching. Even you can change the cloths and hair style of characters. The thing make this tool best is automatic Lip syncr. You can export videos to directly Youtube and other sites. You can only get a 14 days free trial in this tool. Check the other Pricing Plans.

One thing I do not understand they do not give the option to remove logo or watermark in basic plan.



You can pick a template from gallery from category on which you want to create the video. If you do not want to create video from scratch you can choose this tool. This tool is not free check out different Pricing Plans.



Animaker really has good templates that user can edit to create videos within minutes. You can choose a template relevant to your business category. The animation and transition effects are really good, but the characters and props are limited in free addition.  Still their monthly plans are really good and it’s a good tool to spend money to get really good animated videos. Here are the Pricing Plans.



Best Of Best in Video Creation Tools, comes with wide range of templates that you can edit or also can create from scratch. Props, Animated Characters and transition effects are really good. The things that differentiate this tool from other tools are its search features, in other tools you can only choose objects and character related to a particular template. In Powtoon whatever template you choose you can see all backgrounds, Props, Animated characters and other objects in any template using search feature. Its really a time saving tool. In free plan you can add your voice to the video, only limitation is that your videos will comes with watermark and powtoon slide in the end of video.  Here are the different Pricing Plans.

Pro Tip

I have shared best tools for creating videos online within minutes. Here is special tip that can make your investment worthy if you are taking a paid plan.

1. Compare the pricing plans of all tools and see which tool is offering best features in a monthly price.

2. Before purchasing a plan, you should be clear about ideas on which you want to create a video. Make a list of 5 or 6 different ideas related to your business.

3. After getting initial ideas you can create different 5 or 6 videos within a month or you can made more videos according to your choice.

4. Now with bundle of high quality videos you can reach more customers and use the videos wisely.

5. For startups try to create videos that speaks best about the business and under 1 min. It has been noticed videos less than 1 min has more views and people pay more attention.

So know you have the best online video creation tools, pick the best according to your choice. Do not forget to make idea plans before purchasing a monthly plan. Make your purchase worthy for your business and get more leads.

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