About Goals In Google Analytics, Types & How To Set Up

Learn different types of Goals and how to set up Goals in Google Analytics

Set goals in your life to get success, our elders have told this to us. Same way if you are marketing your business with the help of a website then it’s also important to set goals to check whether you marketing plan is going in right or wrong direction. In terms of Google Analytics Goals are set to track the customer’s actions on your website. Using goals you can track

Conversions and Leads
Account Signups
Newsletter Signups
Ebook Downloads
App Downloads
Comparison of different marketing plans (Which plan gives you more conversions)

Now check your website and decide what goal you want to set that will help your business to grow.

How To Access Goal Section In Google Analytics?

  1. Login to Google Analytics Account and click on admin section.
  2. In admin section you will see account, property and view section.
  3. Under view section you will see Goals, click on Goals.
  4. Now click on new goal or import from gallery to create a new goal.

Keep in mind you can select new goal option only if you have full access of analytics or you are the admin.

You will get three options to set goals

  1. Using Templates- In this option you can select a template and you can see this option if you select an Industry category for your website. If you do not set an industry you cannot see this option. If you didn’t selected category yet, you can select inder property section in admin panel.
  2. Custom Goals- You can select custom from the list and then select goal type.
  3. Smart Goals- You can use smart goals to optimize Adwords performance. To know more read how smart goals work?

To know more about these three options you can read this article https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1032415.

Goal Types

Along with above options you can set one of these goals types

  1. Destination- A page that use reach after registering web page or app screen.
  2. Duration- particular time spent on a website.
  3. Pages/Screens per session- A user views specific number of pages on website.
  4. Event- When user click on video or ad on a website.Here is an article to learn more about Goal Types.

Now you know about all options to set up Goals here are some other articles that will help you Do It Yourself.