How To Set Up Google Analytics For Your Website- Tutorial

How To Guide To Set Up Google Analytics For Your Website

You have a website for your business and want to market you business online? May be you are already sharing website on different websites including social media websites to drive traffic to your website. The question is how do you know how much people show interest in service or products you offer? Which source has brought more traffic to your website? Getting all that data can help you to create a successful plan for marketing your business online.

To get that data you need to set up a Google Anaytics Account for Your Website, its really easy and you can Do It Yourself.  Go through this guide to know how to set up Google Analytics account.

Go To Google Analytics and Click On Sign In.

Google Analytics Sign In

After clicking on Sign In a Pop-Up will open as you can see in the image, now click on first option Google Analytics.

Google Analytics SetUp1

When you click on Google Analytics you reach screen with option to easy Sign Up For Analytics.

Google Analytics SetUp2

Click on Sign Up and you will be redirected to a page where you can set up new account for your website.

Google Analytics SetUp3

Google Analytics SetUp4

You have to fill all options in the form. In Account Name you can either fill the website name or choose any name according to your convenience. Then fill the website name and website url, category in which the website belong and the reporting time zone according to your country. Now select all options of Google Products and Services, Benchmarking, Technical Support and Account Specialist and click on get tracking ID.

Google Analytics SetUp5

You can see a tracking code and a script on the screen. Whether you use a WordPress website or any other CMS insert the code in the HTML Code to track the traffic.

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Where To Insert Google Analytics Code In Header Section or in Footer?

I have heard this question many times; startups do not know where to insert the Google Analytics code.  The best place to insert the code is Header section as it does not slow down the site.

There are lots of discussions on where to insert the Code whether in Header Section or in Footer. You can also insert the code in footer section or you can divide the code in header and footer section. To know more see these discussions

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