How i Market BiZiDEX

How i Market BiZiDEX on the Internet with Internet / Social Media Marketing Tools and Marketing Strategies.

Internet marketing refers to advertising and marketing using the web and email for sales.

Social Media Marketing is a specific internet marketing which involves several Social Networks to accomplish the motive of advertising, marketing, awareness and sales.

For Bizidex, I’m mostly using Facebook as a mean of marketing, and advertising our product, a Business index.

Strategies used to for Bizidex in Facebook are as follows :

Building a strong profile which will act as a marketer and represent the company. Building the profile involves of several activities like adding friends, joining groups, liking pages,posting contents, add details of personnel, interacting with friends, posting on groups, creating pages of company, inviting friends to like page and offer them our services.

The motive for adding groups and liking business pages is to watch closely other business activities, and who interacts with them, so that we can like their pages and connect with their customers as friends. Whom we can later add as friends, invite them to like our page and offer them our services. This way we also make people aware of our product, publicize our company and services it offers.

Few tools are also required in order to carry out a successful business strategy.

Link, task and information management tools :

Microsoft Excel

Google Spreadsheet – Easier if multiple tasks done by a network of marketersGoogle Spreadsheet – Easier if multiple tasks done by a network of marketers.

Raven Tools

Buzz Stream

Social Media Management Tools :


Email Marketing Tools :



Exact Target

Affiliate Tools :

Creating and designing a company page on Facebook is very important  which will act as an online identity for the brand. It will increase brand image and awareness.

Creating content for the page will keep it fresh. Updating it regularly will indicate that there is activity around the page and therefore page and therefore page is in operation.

Optimizing page is also essential to bring it on top in a search result.