12 Online Tools and Resources To Create Unique Images For Social Media & Blogs


Images speaks better than writing long sentences in social media posts and also gives more space to writer in case you are limited with words as on twitter. Posts with perfect images get better shares, responses and likes on social media.

If you are a blogger or a startup you should know about tools that help to create unique images for social media as well as for blog posts. Here is a list of the best free tools and resources that you can use for creating images that gives a clear idea to the reader what you want to say.

Tools For Creating Unique Images

  1. Canva– With Canva you can quickly pick a size for social media websites, documents, blog and ebooks. You can also choose a custom design by selecting dimensions of your own. With dimensions choose layout, backgrounds, different elements that you can choose anytime while creating an image. You can also use images from other resources by uploading on Canva. There are both free and paid designs, each paid design cost $1 in Canva. Its woks best on slower network also.Select Custom Dimensions With Canva
  2. Picmonkey– Picmonkey comes with free and paid plans allowing you edit a photo, create a custom design and also you can create a collage of images. You can also try paid plans with 30 days free trial period.Edit or Give Touch To Images With PicMonkey
  3. Befunky With befunky you can create better collage with effects and its available on desktops as well as on mobiles. You can use befunky without signup making it a better tool.befunky helps to create better collage

    Tools For Creating Infographics

  4. Infogr.am Infogr.am helps to represent case studies and data to show difference between different products and even comparison of growth sales in different years and much more. This tool comes with both free and paid versions and available on desktops.Show better comparisons in form of infographics with help of infogr.am
  5. Piktochart Piktochart is the best tool for creating visual storytelling and presentations. There are more than 400 design templates you can select in Piktochart. You can sign up free or you can choose lite or pro version according to your requirement.Make Creative Visual Stories With Piktochart
  6. Infoactive With Infoactive drag and drop elements to create interactive stories with help of charts, filters and to represent easy analysis of a project.Interactive Story Teller With Infoactive

    Tools For Creating GIFs

  7. Giphy You can upload videos and create GIF using Giphy, also you can create funny and hilarious GIFs for sharing on Social Media. Here is an example of GIF created from a video https://giphy.com/gifs/tJoMHyfxkrbMI.Create interactive GIFs Using Giphy
  8. ImgFlip Convert the videos and images to GIFs using ImgFlip without sign up just drop the Url of video or upload video and images to create GIFs.



    Tools For Creating Memes

    Meme is the way to spread an idea within a culture on internet from person to person.

  9. QuickMeme On QuickMeme you can find trending images that are widely shared on social media websites.Create trending Meme Using Quick Meme
  10. ImgFlip With ImgFlip you can also create meme, choose a picture that you think will be best for post and write some text that will convey things that you want to express with your community.Create Fastest Meme With ImgFlip

    Tools For Capturing Snapshots

    Screenshots helps better to understand what the writer want to say and someone can easily learn from the tips given in screenshots. Even in this post I have used screenshots to capture best images for each tool.

  11. LightShot You have to download this tool on your desktop to capture screenshots. After downloading just click Print Screen Button and select the area you want to capture and you can also highlight part of screenshot. You can easily share them by creating a URL or same the screen shot to your PC.Capture Screenshot and use them for easy sharing using Lightshots
  12. Greenshot– Greenshot is a tool for Windows, like Lightshot this tool can also capture full screen or selected region . While capturing you can use annotation and after capturing you can save as a file or can get a printout or you can also upload directly to Flickr or Picasa.Share Screenshots easily on Flickr or PicasaUse all above tools to create best images that express your thoughts visually and you content gets viral on all over social media.

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