Advanced Google Search Operators For SEO Link Building

The success of SEO campaigns depends upon the research work done by SEO experts and research work never stops. In modern SEO you should have to come up with creative techniques and searching capabilities to drive satisfactory results.

Every business owner wants to see their business on top in Google results. Different off-page activities are used to increase website presence. With these activities there are advanced Google Search Operators that can help to find relevant resources.

These operators help to refine resources for better link building opportunities. In this article you will go through list of search engine operators and how to use these operators.

Google Search Operators To Check SEO

Exact Search Using Double Quotes (“Query”)

Double Quotes search operator is helpful when you are searching keywords to add in your blog post title. You can find the total search of particular keyword and if search result is lower than 50,000 then its ideal for the blog posts.

See the below image I have used searched exact search for “advanced Google search operators”. There are 4,870 results for this search query and its ideal to be inserted in post title.

Double Quotes is a search engine operator


Here is an another example watch this short video tutorial

Search Particular Resource Using “Site:” Operator

Site: query is used in routine work by online marketers to search a particular resource and to find relevant link building opportunities.

Search Particular website using site: search engine operator


In above image site operator shows all the links from the particular resource, you can easily track different topics from particular resource.

To search particular posts from particular resource you can further add relevant keyword, see the below image. The operator will search all posts and pages from particular resource that contains the keyword you have entered.

You can also use this query to find fresh discussions on forums and questions answer website. Here is an example of use of site: query to find discussion links, watch this short video tutorial

intitle: Operator

This search operator returns the result of web pages which contains keyword or search term in their title that you specify after colon.

How Google Search Without intitle search operator

In above image I have search webpages with title video creation tools, but the results is showing pages that contains the keywords editing tools and its taking keywords from website url as well as from website description. Many marketers just follow this approach and do not get correct search result.

To get exact search result for particular keyword entered you should put the keyword in double quotes. See the below image now I have entered the query in double quotes intitle:”video creation tools”. Now it shows only those webpages that contains the exact order of words as in your query.

intitle google search operator


If you do not care about the order of words then you can use this query multiple times to get the desired result.

Inurl: Operator

This operator returns result of webpages which contains the keywords in their url. See the below image it has returned results with web pages that contains video creation tools in their url.

search using inurl search operator

You can also search resources from particular location using this operator. Wait there is more about this operator you can use it to find forums, opportunities for guest posts.


This operator restricts the search to filetype entered by you. Suppose I want to research only PDFs then I will add the keyword with filetype PDF. See the below image

Search particular files using Filetype search operator


You can also search Pdfs from particular resource by modifying this query as site:website url filetype:PDf


With this query you can find the backlinks of any website, this query shows both the internal and external links of any website.

Related: Operator

This operator helps to find similar or related websites of any popular website. Suppose I searched, this query will display other business listing websites.

You can also search popular blog posts using this query.


Using this operator you can search blog post written by particular author.


This search operator is used to check when a particular webpage is last visited by Google and you can see the cached version of that page.

Boolean Search Engine Operators

AND Operator

With use of AND operator search result will show every word you include in the query. When you search for specific term automatically you are using AND operator. Suppose I search animation videos, whether I write animation videos or animation and videos both will return same result.

Watch this short video tutorial to see how AND operator works

OR Operator

OR operator show results for multiple queries. Suppose I searched animation or videos the search result will display webpages that contains either the animation or the word videos. You can also use Pipeline (|) symbol in place of OR, both will return same result. That’s why many website use pipeline symbol in title of webpage.

To know how to OR operator watch this short video tutorial

Not Operator

Also called as exclusion operator, using this operator you can exclude word from search query. Suppose I search animation videos the search result include webpages that contain animation videos and animation video creation tools. If I exclude the word tool in the query (animation videos -tools) it will exclude the webpages that contains the word tool.

To know How Not Operator works watch this short video tutorial

Using these advanced Google search operators you can find different link building opportunities for your website. Stay tuned with us to learn more about online marketing strategies.