My Experience Of Research To Write Articles

While conducting my research on mind mapping and online work sites, I have learned many things.

Web research can be fun and tiresome. It is fun in the sense that you can discover and learn new things. And tiresome because of the following reasons:

  • Time length that you spend for one research activity
  • When you cannot find the information that you wanted
  • When the reliability of the resources is uncertain.

I have also discovered that web research has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • What is good in doing research using the internet is that we can have immediate access to a considerable amount of information about a particular topic. For instance, search engines such as Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer can retrieve in a few seconds a list of websites ranked according to their relevance to that particular subject.
  • Internet research allows people to conduct research without geographic and time limits, optimising the usage of their time during the day. Time has a very important value on finding up to date information.
  • It introduces people to discover and learn new things.


Among the disadvantage of conducting web research are as follows:

  • Relevance and reliability of information: Search engines ranked websites according to the relevance of their particular topic which means that reliability of resources can be uncertain.
  • Time length: When the reliability of the resources is uncertain, selecting the right and useful information can be time-consuming and often non productive.
  • Time limit and Internet stability: Timeliness can cause problems on web research because information on the Internet is not very stable. There are websites that change its address in the future, disappear or do not display any date.
  • Plagiarism and copyright on the Internet: Internet has contributed to a significant rise in the incident of plagiarism and copyrighting due to anonymity and freedom from regulation.

Despite all the disadvantages of we’ve just known, web research plays a very important role in our daily life. The benefits that we can get from it are worth all the tiredness that we can experience.