Valuable Places To Add SEO Keywords On Your Website

Search engine optimization is essential, if you have a website and you want to see it on top in search engine results. Also if you want to drive regular traffic you have to optimize your organic search results. Keywords plays most important role in ranking websites.

Now to drive traffic from search engines regularly you have to insert keywords on website pages.  So here are the best places to insert keywords on a website page that will help to get better rankings for your website.

Website Valuable Places To Insert SEO Keywords

Special Tip For Startups– If you do not know how to choose keywords for website then read my post “Best Keyword Research Tools To Find Top SEO Keywords” (A complete guide explaining different types of keywords you can pick and different tools use to select those keywords.)

When a search engine crawls a website, you can indicate crawlers what that particular website page is all about? To indicate the crawlers these are the places where you have to add keywords on the webpage. Keep in mind only add keywords that are related to that particular page do not try to stuff keywords.


Page Title

Also well known as Title tag and the syntax for title tag is

<Title>Keywords are inserted here</Title>

Title tag is displayed in search engine result pages. Both user and search can understand the webpage better from the title tag, so insert the most important keyword in the title tag.

Currently Google displays 55 characters for the title tag, so use every character wisely. Insert the important keyword at the start of title tag.

For each webpage title tag must be unique, avoid duplicate tags for different website pages.  Do not add same keywords to multiple website pages, this approach will not be good for SEO.


Meta Description Tag

Meta description is also displayed in search engine results along with title tag for a particular webpage.

Google displays 150 to 155 characters in the description tag, so be concise and try to write a description with the important keywords. You can also try out keyword variations of main keyword to get better website ranking.


Add SEO Keywords In Meta Tags and Website Url



Website Url

You can also use keyword in website url ( for particular page. The links that are more readable gets more visits as compared to non-readable url structure.

Search engines give more priority to readable urls as both search engine and readers can understand from the link which topic is covered in the website url. Insert the main targeted keyword in the website url to get better presence for that keyword.

Note- If you are making changes in the existing website urls, then do not forget to redirect previous urls to the new url.


H1 Tag

H1 tag is the header tag of a page and reader easily get clear idea about the topic or products or services mentioned? Keep the header tag, eye catching to grab interest of reader.


Body Content

Body content is the main text written on webpage that can be a complete article, explanation about services or product description. You can add main keywords in the body content, but do try to stuff keyword in the content.

Try to use keyword variations to support the main keyword, so that content looks natural to the crawlers. Keep an eye on the keyword density, it should not be more than 3 percent.


Image Tag

Users also search images on search engine and many time when we reach a particular website we reach the source site where image is originally placed. So adding keywords to the image title and alt tags can also drive more traffic to your website.

The code for image alt tag is

<img src=”file-name-including-keyword.jpg” title=”Title of the image including the keyword” alt=”Image description with keyword”>.

Sometimes when images do not load it will display alt tag description in place of image.

These are the important places on a website where you can insert SEO keywords.


Now Question Arises “How To Vary Keyword Usage” ?

You have often seen people target multiple keywords on single page, but I think target multiple keywords if they are related to each other closely. The other option is to target one main keyword for every single page that describes that page. Let me clear with an example-

Suppose I have to put keywords for, it’s a website for online tutorials. The main keyword is Online Tutorials. Now see how I vary keyword usage.

Page Title- Online Tutorials & Training Courses At
H1 Tag- Unlimited learning with online tutorials
Body Content- Special tutorial and training program available online for startups and working people to enhance their current skills for better opportunities.
Alt Tag- Marin Creator Of Online Tutorials
Meta Description- Learn about creative tools, marketing and business tips for personal and professional goal achievement. Access thousands of online tutorials, join today.

This is best way to use keywords on different places on website to give better search engine presence to a particular website. Following these steps will help to run successive marketing of a website.