Best Keyword Research Tools To Find Top SEO Keywords

Starting a SEO campaign for your website? You cannot expect the success of SEO campaign without keywords.  In this article you will learn

# What Are Keywords?

# Different Types Of Keywords

# What Is Keyword Research?

# How To Choose Best Keywords For SEO?

# Best Keyword Research Tools?


What Are Keywords?


Keywords are the main foundation of SEO whether you want to rank a website, article, blog post, video and PDF.

Search engines are used by people to search particular products, services, videos and information on particular topics. The search queries entered by people consist of keywords that businesses and other information websites target, so that people can purchase or read their websites.

There are many businesses and other information websites that provide similar products, services and information. From this point competition starts and website owners try to steal rankings from competitors by using different type of keywords for SEO campaign. Lets know about different types of keywords you can use for SEO.

Different Types Of Keywords For SEO Targeting


General Keywords Or Head Keywords

Head keywords are one-word keyword that specifies general terms. They have high searches as well as high competition. It’s not so easy to rank with these types of keywords. You need high authority backlink websites to rank these keywords. Time taken to rank a website for head keywords is more than other keyword type.

Example- Nameplates is a general keyword; if someone searches for only nameplates it displays all websites that includes keyword nameplates. So these keywords are highly competitive.


2 To 3 Word Keywords or Body Keywords

Body keywords contains 2 or 3 words; these keywords are very good for starting SEO campaign for a new website. The competition and search volume for these keywords is moderate.

Example- Keywords like Office nameplates or nameplates for home are considered as body keywords. These keywords are relative to website categories.


Long Tail Keywords

These keywords contain more than four words and have low competition, but they can drive more traffic than other type of keywords. May be you will not find search volume for many long tail keywords but they can drive best user engagement on website.

Example- Wall Mount Cubical Office Nameplates is a long tail keyword.

To search long tail keywords here is a simple guide – Find Long Tail Keywords

With these main keywords there are also other keyword types available.


Location Based Keywords

These are the keywords that contain particular country name or city name to target audience of that particular location, this comes under local marketing.

Example- Office Nameplates California or Office Nameplates USA for targeting specific city or country.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are related terms to primary targeted keywords, these are part of Google search algorithm. Google use LSI keywords to show results by checking relevancy of content to the search query.

Example- Take a look at following image

LSI Keywords For SEO Campaign

If you search for office nameplates you will see there are some suggestions displayed by Google search, these are LSI keywords.

You can also use LSIGraph to search LSI keywords, this tool can provide upto 50 results for LSI keywords.

These type of keywords can be added to the title tag, header tag, anchor text and in the content.

For detailed information on LSI keywords read here.

More Keyword Types Include

Information Keywords that search particular product or information.

Navigation Keyword searches particular brand.

Purchase Keyword are used when someone want to buy a product or service.

Seasonal Keywords are used for specific occasions.

So now you know all about SEO keyword types, you have to use mixture of these keywords on your website. Using only one type from above cannot drive maximum traffic, but using a mixture of all types on different related pages will give best result.

Starting the process with body or 2-3 word keywords is the best SEO practice for new websites.

Now lets’ know what is keyword research, how to keywords research and free keyword research tools for SEO.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is process of identifying best search terms used by user to search specific product, service or information. These search queries include main keywords and you can search different types of keywords for SEO campaign.

How To Choose Best Keywords For SEO?

To start keyword research you have to first create a niche map that includes main keywords or you can say the main keyword with further division.

Example- Suppose you are selling Nameplates. Nameplates is the main keyword and this keyword is further consist of office nameplates, wall nameplates, cubical nameplates, desk signs, directory signs, Notice holders. Nameplate for doors. So you have to create a niche map what type of products you are offering. Once you select the main category keywords you can further use different keyword research tools to find best keywords.

Here are different ways with which you can create Niche Map.

1. Use Forums  You can also use forums to explore more categories related to main keywords. There are two ways you can search

Using Search Query – You can search relative search forums using this search query

Syntax – Keyword + “forums”

Example – Suppose I am looking for relative keywords to SEO. So I will type SEO + “forums ” and search result will return list of forums. You can go to these forums and check further SEO categories. Those Keywords can be useful to create niche map.

Using Forum Search Engine – You can use Board Reader to search specific keyword related forums.


2. Use Wikipedia – You can also search a topic on Wikipedia and find relative subtopics from the content section for that particular topic.

Example- I have searched the topic SEO and from table of content you can go deeper in the topic to find more relevant keywords.


3. Using Google Search – In Google search you can find the relatives search terms that are actually used by users for searching.

Example- I search for SEO, at the bottom of the page you will find related search terms. Include these search terms in the niche map.

Once you created a niche map you can use different keyword research tools to find the best keywords for SEO campaign.


Best Keyword Research Tools

When you have initial keyword ideas for your website then you can use these top keyword research tools to find different types of keywords that you can use to boost SEO of your website.

Lets take a look at best tools available and used by most of the marketers.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the one of most used keyword research tools and it absolutely free. This tool is designed for Adword Campaigns, so that user can find best keywords for their adword campaigns.


Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research


But this tool gives lots of suggestions for single keyword, those suggestions can be used for SEO campaigns. This tool provides three different options to find new keywords and their search volume.

  • Search new keywords using phrase, Website or category.
  • Get search volume and trends for list of keywords entered by user.
  • Multiply keyword list to get new keywords.

You can also choose different types of filters like location, language, date range, keyword match type and also omit keywords using negative keywords that you do not want to add in your SEO campaign.



SEMRUSH is the top keyword research tool used by experts to for deeper research. Its best to find keywords for which competitor ranks in search engine results. You just have to enter competitor’s url and it will display all keywords for which the competitor site ranks.


SEMRUSH - Top Keyword Research Tool


You will get complete information for a particular keyword that is present in SEMRUSH database that includes search volume, CPC and SERP source.

This tool is paid but you can use it absolutely free for 14 days, you can find really best keywords for your website within 14 days.


3. is a great tool to find long tail keywords for your each targeted keyword. You can find keywords for Google, Yahoo, Bing and App store.


Use for long tail keyword research


This tool shows results based on Google Auto complete and Ubbersuggest tool. From this huge list of keywords you can choose keywords that are best for your use. I have used these long tail keywords for blog posts and these worked effectively.


4. UberSuggest

Ubersuggest gives maximum number of long tail keyword suggestions that can be used for website as well as for your blogs. You can also find new ideas for upcoming blog posts.


Find Maximum Long tail keyword suggestions using Ubbersuggest


This tool just gives you maximum keyword suggestions but do not give the search volume and competition, but still you can use this list in other keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to get further search and competition data.


5. LSIGraph

LSIGraph shows best semantic keywords, these are keywords related to the main keywords of your SEO campaign. You can find upto 50 LSI keywords for every keyword.


LSI Graph Is Used To Search LSI Keywords

You can use these keywords in  title, content, header and alt tags on a particular page to improve SEO of your website.


6. KW Finder

KW Finder is also one of best keyword research tools to find long tail keyword with low competition.


KW Finder Tool Also Shows Keyword Difficulty
You can easily find the keyword difficulty with KW Finder and choose worthy keywords for optimization. This tool provides both free and paid plans. Its free plan is worthy for marketers for planning keywords for marketing campaigns. Check out all pricing plans here.


7. WordStream

Word Stream is a free keyword research tool that will show keyword results based on particular niche category.


Get 30 free searches with WordStream For Keyword Research


Keywords from related niche will add benefits in both SEO and PPC campaigns.  Free tool does not show search volume and competition, but you can easily find search volume and competition by putting these keywords in other keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner. In free version you will get only 30 searches, so use these searchers wisely to get huge list of keywords.


8. Moz Keyword Explorer Tool

Moz keyword explorer also provides best keywords that you can target for your website. These keywords include long tail keywords that are in demand or for which people really search.


Find Best Keywords Using Moz Keyword Explorer


This tool provides accurate data for search volume a particular keyword receives and how much difficulty is associated with that particular keyword to rank better.


9. Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery tool consist of huge keyword database, and you can find great keyword suggestions for particularly entered search query.


Find keyword suggestions using keyword discovery


Free version shows limited number of keywords.

These are 9 keyword research tools to get best keyword suggestions. You can extract great keywords even if you use all these tools absolutely free.