What Do You Know About Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of improving search engine rankings of a website or a business on top search engines likes Google, Yahoo and Bing and help to drive organic traffic through free and natural ways.

To Understand The Concept Of SEO You Must Know How Search Engine works?

Humans and search engines have different vision to see a website, humans attract to cool design, audio and video movements. Search Engines are text driven; they crawl the web for particular items and bring the result for user what they need.

The process of bringing search results involves these steps.

1. Crawling– Search engines crawl the web with help of crawler or a spider. Googlebot is the name of crawler for Google. These crawlers crawl at particular intervals to see whether there is any new website or page regarding particular information or there is any modification in previously crawled web pages.

2. Indexing– After crawling, similar pages are stored in a big database from where search engine retrieves them for related query. SEO helps one to provide information to search engines to rank his/her website higher in rankings.

3. Processing– When a user type a search query, search engines calculate relevancy of indexed pages, as there are many results similar to a search query. Each Search Engine has different algorithms for calculating relevancy and it depends upon quality of links, unique content, density of keywords and meta tags.

4. Retrieving– After calculating the relevancy the search engine displays the related results and gives top priority to web pages with better relevancy.

Now you know how search engine works, stay tuned with us for more interesting articles Search Engine Optimization.